Ohio Ix

Connecting Ohio to the World

Columbus, Ohio provides less than 6 hours of travel time by ground to more of the US population than any other major city. This accessible location provides a natural corridor for the next generation, high capacity infrastructure needed to power America’s broadband and a strategic location for Ohio IX.

Members We Serve

Through Ohio IX, service providers, content networks, and enterprises work together to efficiently exchange internet traffic and provide mutual network access. By doing so, costs are reduced, network performance is increased and overall system robustness is enhanced.

Service Providers

Optimize Traffic and Share Network Routes

Content Providers

Faster and More Reliable Access to End Users


Secure and Quick Content Delivery Between Enterprises

Benefits of Membership

➜ Ohio IX’s switch fabric is managed 24×7 with on-site staff expertise.

➜ Ability to peer with expanding Ohio IX membership via private and/or public peering.

➜ Increase network performance and reliability including established redundant network connections apart from other exchange locations.

➜ Ohio IX’s Board of Directors includes representatives from leading network providers, carriers, content providers, and research/education systems.

➜ Access to a rich assortment of carriers, service, gaming, academia and content providers.

➜ Access to a great number of users, creating a faster path for services and increased customer satisfaction.

➜ Reduce latency with more local traffic kept local and a closer connection for regional traffic.

➜ Assistance from Ohio IX members on peering practices.

Ohio IX Traffic Graphs

 Keep track of the latest network usage statistics and trends at the Ohio IX with our real-time traffic graphs.

Daily Traffic Graph

Weekly Traffic Graph

Monthly Traffic Graph

Points of Presence in Ohio

Cologix Data Center, WeConnect, Bresco Broadband, RackSquared, Metro DataCenter, CityNet Wow! Business

H5 Datacenter Cleveland, Involta Akron

DataPoints Connect

“Access to the internet is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity for conducting business, accessing information, and staying connected with the world.”

– Mignon Clyburn