Ohio IX Points of Presence

Connected Networks

Connected networks of Ohio IX meet the following criteria:

  • They must be a network operator/have an ASN
  • They must have a port on the IX fabric
  • They have voting rights as specified by their membership type (Senior or Associate)
  • They pay dues specified by their membership type, or by special arrangement
Akamai20940100GH5 Cleveland206.53.204.142001:504:64:100::14
Amazon165092 x 20GCologix COL2206.53.204.30 &
2001:504:64:100::30 &
Amplex Electric2020510GCologix COL2206.53.204.232001:504:64:100::23
Bresco Solutions3289940GCologix COL2206.53.204.122001:504:64:100::12
Cincinnati Bell618140GCologix COL2206.53.204.352001:504:64:100::35
CISP1661710GCologix COL2206.53.204.442001:504:64:100::44
Cloudflare1333510GCologix COL2206.53.204.242001:504:64:100::24
Cologix800110GCologix COL2206.53.204.212001:504:64:100::21
Consolidated Electric Cooperative, Inc39474010GCologix COL2206.53.204.162001:504:64:100::16
Designer Brands, Inc (DSW)6315710GCologix COL2206.53.204.362001:504:64:100::36
Everstream Solutions LLC1900910GCologix COL2206.53.204.132001:504:64:100::13
FairlawnGig39623810GCologix COL2206.53.204.262001:504:64:100::26
Fastly541132 x 10GCologix COL2206.53.204.25 & & 2001:504:64:100::55
FirstComm1639910GCologix COL2206.53.204.392001:504:64:100::39
Geostar Communications2206210GCologix COL2206.53.204.382001:504:64:100::38
H5 Data Centers2002910GH5 Virtual206.53.204.292001:504:64:100::29
Horizon273110GCologix COL2206.53.204.172001:504:64:100::17
Huntington Bancshares5482710GCologix COL2206.53.204.222001:504:64:100::22
Hurricane Electric (HE)69392 x 10GCologix COL2206.53.204.192001:504:64:100::19
Independents Fiber Network710610GCologix COL2206.53.204.152001:504:64:100::15
Integrated Network Concepts39428010GH5 Cleveland206.53.204.1202001:504:64:100::120
MadeIT, Inc5445510GCologix COL2206.53.204.452001:504:64:100::45
Medina Fiber (powered by Lit Communities)40051510GCologix COL2206.53.204.432001:504:64:100::43
Meta/Facebook63293100GCologix COL2206.53.204.462001:504:64:100::46
Netflix400276 x 10GCologix COL2134.195.207.2442602:fd28:52::4
NetGain Information Systems Company5406910GCologix COL2206.53.204.112001:504:64:100::11
OARnet60010GCologix COL2206.53.204.182001:504:64:100::18
Ohio IX231691G + 1GCologix COL2206.53.204.1, &
2001:504:64:100::1, 2001:504:64:100::2 & 2001:504:64:100::3
OneIT, Inc.64228
10GCologix COL2206.53.204.102001:504:64:100::10
Packet Clearing House4210GCologix COL2206.53.204.202001:504:64:100::20
Packet Clearing House38561GCologix COL2206.53.204.92001:504:64:100::9
Path Network, Inc396998100GCologix COL2206.53.204.422001:504:64:100::42
Racksquared Data Centers2670910GBresco Virtual206.53.204.1012001:504:64:100::101
Rowe Internet2578710GBresco Virtual206.53.204.1052001:504:64:100::105
Setson39709510GBresco Virtual206.53.204.1032001:504:64:100::103
Skymesh630271GCologix COL2206.53.204.272001:504:64:100::27
Smart Way Communications1379510GCologix COL2206.53.204.372001:504:64:100::37
Starry, Inc.39535410GCologix COL2206.53.204.312001:504:64:100::31
Subspace3226110GCologix COL2206.53.204.342001:504:64:100::34
US Signal2655410GCologix COL2206.53.204.332001:504:64:100::33
ValTech Communications39482810GBresco Virtual206.53.204.1022001:504:64:100::102
Valve Corporation325904 x 100GCologix COL2134.195.207.235 & & 2602:fd28:53::5
Vision CTS39361810GCologix COL2206.53.204.282001:504:64:100::28
Waddell Solutions1224310GCologix COL2206.53.204.402001:504:64:100::40
Watch Communications4623110GCologix COL2206.53.204.322001:504:64:100::32
WeConnect4046010GBresco Virtual206.53.204.1042001:504:64:100::104

Ohio IX, Senior Members

Senior members of Ohio IX meet the following criteria:

  • They must be a network operator/have an ASN
  • They may have a port on the IX fabric
  • They have full voting rights
  • They pay regular dues
Amplex Electric
Bresco Solutions (Remote Switch Operator)
Cincinnati Bell
City of Hilliard
Cologix (Core Switch Hosting)
Consolidated Electric Cooperative, Inc
Designer Brands, Inc (DSW)
Everstream Solutions LLC
Geostar Communications
H5 Data Centers (Remote Switch Operator)
Huntington Bancshares
Hurricane Electric (HE)
Independents Fiber Network (Remote Switch Operator)
Integrated Network Concepts
MadeIT, Inc
Medina Fiber (powered by Lit Communities)
MetaLINK Technologies, Inc.
NetGain Information Systems Company
NK Telco
Ohio IX
OneIT, Inc.
Path Network, Inc
RackSquared LLC
Rowe Internet
Smart Way Communications
Southern Fibernet
Vision CTS
US Signal
Waddell Solutions Inc
Watch Communications
WeConnect (Remote Switch Operator)

Ohio IX Associate Members

Associate members of Ohio IX meet the following criteria:

  • They may be a network operator, but do not have to be
  • They may have a port on the IX fabric
  • They have limitedĀ  voting rights
  • They pay regular dues

Associate members are a vital part of Ohio IX, and we thank these members for their continued support and dedication to our mission

Company Name
Accent Communications
Arista Networks
City of Hilliard
Deep Edge Networks
Kenneth G. Myers Constructions Co., Inc.
Little Miami Gig LLC
Medina County Fiber Network
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
Sigma Technologies, Ltd.
Setson LLC
Valtech Communications
WAN Dynamics
Washington Electric Cooperative