Ohio Ix

Services and Pricing

Through Ohio IX, major telecoms, content providers and enterprises work together to efficiently exchange Internet traffic and provide mutual network access. By doing so, costs are reduced, network performance is increased and overall system robustness is enhanced.

Multilateral Peering

Traffic exchanged directly between members over shared exchange fabric utilizing Ohio IX route servers.

Bilateral Peering

Traffic exchanged directly between two members of the exchange over the shared exchange fabric.

Direct Content Access

Directly connected to streaming, gaming and data content.

All peering services are for unicast traffic with the exception of broadcast ARP packets and multicast ICMPv6 Neighbor Discovery packets. Ohio IX provides complimentary reporting tools that allow members to monitor performance and traffic metrics online on a 24×7 basis with automated alarms to both Ohio IX’s 24×7 on-site and members’ NOCs.

Ohio IX offers its members complimentary use of redundant Route Servers to enhance scalability with multi-member peering. Route Servers provide aggregation of BGP from all participating peers allowing peers to connect to a single point (Ohio IX’s Route Servers) instead of each peer connecting with every peer separately. Thus, Route Servers provide substantially simplified routing setup and the advantages of Route Servers grow as the number of peering connections increase — without the use of Route Servers, a mesh of N peers would require N-1 connection for each peer.

By advertising route(s) to Route Servers, members give explicit permission allowing traffic to be forwarded to them via advertised route(s), individual members may filter both outbound and inbound traffic via this interconnect.

Annual Membership

➜ $1,000 for senior members, includes use of single port (1G or 10G)  on the public peering VLAN

➜ $2,500 for senior members, includes use of single port (40G or 100G)  on the public peering VLAN

➜ $500 for associate members

Dues are prorated quarterly based on the month you join.

Membership Renewal

Renewal for existing Senior Member of Record using a 1G or 10G port: $1,000

Renewal for existing Senior Member of Record using a 40G or 100G port: $2,500

Renewal for existing Associate Member of Record: $500

Dues are evaluated annually by the Board of Directors.

Charges for Interconnects to Ohio IX

Cross Connects

Cost Provided by Data Center

Contact for Current Rate

Use of Redundant Route Services

No Charge

Contact Ohio IX

Additional Ports

Become a Member

Senior Membership

Qualification for Senior Membership includes: Applicant represents that it is an operator of an Internet protocol network swhitch has one or more direct connections to the Corporation’s switches and that it has a publicly registered Autonomous System Number (ASN), as required by the Code of Regulations of the Corporation. Applicant must have directly allocated Regional Internet Registry (RIR) Provider Independent (PI) address space to utilize our route servers. Provider Aggregated (PA) prefixes will be filtered.

Associate Membership

If your organization does not meet the definition of a senior member, please choose associate membership.

Review the Ohio IX Code Of Regulations.

Review the Ohio IX Articles of Incorporation.

Choose your membership level (senior or Associate).

If you have questions or trouble filling out the online forms, please contact info@ohioix.net.

After submitting your membership form online, a representative from Ohio IX will contact you to complete the process. If you have not heard from someone within 72 hours please contact us.

Additionally, you will be contacted during the onboarding process to set up a cross connect (s) to the Ohio IX.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Alternately, if you prefer to mail or email in the membership application, the Senior Membership form can be downloaded here and the Associate Membership form can be downloaded here.  Once complete, the form should be emailed to: info@ohioix.net or mailed to: P.O. Box 433, Worthington, OH 43085

Ohio IX Points of Presence

Ohio IX Points of Presence (PoPs) are located in data centers throughout Ohio, near Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland.

These PoPs provide direct access to the Ohio IX fabric, allowing ISPs, content providers, and other significant Internet users to exchange traffic inexpensively. Ohio IX’s PoPs also offer access to other carriers and services, enabling members to expand their networks and improve their connectivity.

With multiple PoPs located throughout the state, Ohio IX provides redundant paths for traffic exchange, enhancing routing efficiency and fault tolerance.

The Ohio IX team works closely with each data center partner to ensure the highest level of service and support for all members accessing the Ohio IX fabric.