Ohio Ix

Attendees:  Tim Berelsman, Doug Payauys, Paul Schopis, Greg Dunn, Marijan Adam, Shelby Anderson,  Kim Gerhart, Nancy Tiemeier, Michael Hudak, Steve Steele, Brent Beatty, Lynn Child, Luke Skidmore

Secretary Report – Minutes were approved.

Old Business

Insurance application still outstanding – still working on business plan, should have quote soon.

Cologix MSA still dependent on establishing Insurance Coverage.

Status on adding Membership application to website – The changes have been made to the application and Marijan is adding to the website.

Go Live Status – The hardware will start to be installed tomorrow, July 8th.  OARnet will provide the LOA’s for the fiber cross connects to be used for management of the system.  The IXP manager which will provide stats to the members should be integrated by the end of next week.  Marijan will give the ok and let us know when members can start to connect.  LOA information can be given to Nancy for the cross connects provided by the  Exchange.  All connections will be single mode fiber.  The goal is to go live by end of July.

Status on ARIN – The payment has been sent and received.  We have gotten our assigned ASN – 16 bit.

Existing cross connects connected to old exchange – Those will be disconnected.  Cologix did approve 2 additional cross connects for management purposes but the HE connection will be disconnected.  Tim will talk to HE about connecting to the exchange.

Mass Market Content – no updates in this meeting.  We discussed again that all members should join DB.  Paul will discuss the Netflow study with others at OARnet.  Paul will also start working on an agreement for Ohio IX on management and services.

Policy on Tier 1 and 2 carriers – This will be a case by case basis at this point, they may want to peer on a regional basis.   Discussed MICE operates differently (on donation) so may not be able to use their model.  Tim will contact Walt from HE and talk about joining the exchange.

Document Share – This is set up and Nancy has started to add documents to it.  If you want access, you need to send a gmail address to Marijan and he will set you up.  He can also set up an email account for the Ohio IX, just let him know where you want it routed.

New Business

Senior Members for acceptance:

Everstream – Paul moved and Luke seconded, approved

Horizon – Paul moved and Marijan seconded, approved

Centracom – Luke moved and Kim seconded, approved

Doug signed applications and Nancy will send out countersigned copies.  Doug will invoice.

Associate Member Status – no new applications

Governance report – We will resend to those that still need to sign and return.  Will send to Brent Beatty and Lynn Child.

Marketing Report

The website has been updated but still working to make it better.  Brent is setting up meeting with someone who will help us with the website and branding.   Discussed changing the logo to match the image we want versus what was used before.  The committee will bring back ideas.

The forms have been added to the website and the membership list will be added shortly.  We were waiting on the new members from this meeting so could add them all at the same time.

They are working on a leave behind and presentation that we can use when looking for new members.  Will try to go out on July 18th or 19th.

We will have a table for Columbus Connect in September (donated by Cologix) so will work on preparing for that.

Update on Microsoft

CTO Report – was covered under old business

No additional business

Next Meeting – August 4th at 1:30 at Cologix.  A meeting notice will be sent.

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted

Nancy Tiemeier