Ohio Ix

Attendees:  Tim Berelsman, Doug Payauys,  Paul Schopis, Greg Dunn, Marijan Adam, Kim Gerhart, Nancy Tiemeier, Steve Steele, Brent Beatty, Lynn Child, Luke Skidmore, Brian Riley

Roll Call

Secretary Report – minutes approved

Old Business

Insurance Application still outstanding – have received a couple quotes.

Cologix MSA still dependent on establishing Insurance Coverage

Go Live Date – week of August 15th.  The hardware is installed.

Status on LOA information can be given to Nancy for the cross connects provided by the  Exchange – Marijan will work with Nancy and the members to get the information that is needed.  Marijan also needs the AS#,  IPs to be announced and MAC addresses.

Tim still needs to talk to Walt from HE.  He wanted to confirm how we were going to handle fees etc. 

Mass Market Content on the Exchange

Still working on.  Would like members to join peering db.com so others can see who is on the exchange.

Status on Microsoft Connectivity at two locations? – Brent may have to go another route with Microsoft since the exchange still isn’t active and they want to move forward.  Hopefully we can move to exchange in the future.

Netflow Study pending 10 Active Senior Members – Members should pull a report of total traffic before October meeting.  We will look at the top 5 connections for everyone.  Tim can help anyone who doesn’t have the software to pull themselves.

Document Sharing via Google for Board-Corporate

Board Members Active.  Information has been added.  If you would like access to the drive, forward Marijan a google email that he can add.  Information has been added to the google docs. The member information has also been added to the website.

New Business

Membership Status

10 Active Senior Members

New Senior Membership Application – NK Teleco.  Luke moved to approve, Kim seconded.  Motion passed.  We still need their AS#

Associate Member Status

2 Active Associate Members

Pending application from Cologix – approved Cologix to have Associate membership approved at no cost for the first year.  They have contributed a lot and aren’t in a position yet to be a senior member.

Committee Report(s)

Governance Committee

Went over outstanding BoD Conflict of Interest Statements and BoD Agreements.  Nancy will check with Kevin from Bluebridge on his forms.

Marketing Committee Report

Martini Marketing working with the committee on the web layout and branding of the exchange.  They are meeting next on August 9th.  They will push out the logo that is being proposed as well as the slick and presentation when complete.  They aren’t going to wait until the next meeting.

Columbus City is having a Fiber Forum on August 9th.  Brent is part of a panel discussion and will have a couple minutes to discuss IX.  Nancy, Kim and Doug are also planning to attend and can answer any questions.

Participation at Columbus Connect in September – we will have a table that has been donated by Cologix to promote the IX.  We plan to have new literature, etc for this event.

Brent Beatty is hoping to have a few minutes to promote the IX at the Columbus Smart City event in September.

Greg Dunn discussed the Government Summit that will be held Oct 25-26.  He will provide more information when available.

We discussed putting a Welcome Letter together for new members discussing the set-up and what information we need.  The committee will  work on this and send internally first so we can make sure it covers everything that we need.

Next Meeting

Date:               September 8, 2016 @ 1:30 pm

Location:          Cologix

Meeting Adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Tiemeier