Ohio Ix

Attendees:  Tim Berelsman, Doug Payauys, Paul Schopis,  Marijan Adam, Kim Gerhart, Nancy Tiemeier, Brent Beatty, Luke Skidmore, Shelby Anderson, Brad Scott, Steve Steele

Roll Call

Membership Applications – No new applications at this time.  Shelby is working on the formal policy for assignment and revocation of rights to Ohio IX cross connects.

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved

CTO Report – We have 3 active members:  NetGain, OneIT and Bresco.  CEC and IFN cross connects have been completed.  We are completing the turn up now.   We still need LOA’s from Horizon, CentraComm and OARnet.  Horizon is checking on the status of their LOA.  Allowing members with free cross connects until the end of January to connect to the IX without risk of losing their free cross connect.

Brent provided an SFP to test and some cable management for us to use.

Nick from OARnet is no longer there so will be working with someone else.

Brent is working with Eli from CEC on the questionnaire for the Welcome Letter.  This should be completed soon.

Marijan reminded everyone that they need to be registered with peering.db.

We need to look at Netflow stats in January.

Governance Committee – Still need BOD forms from Greg and Steve.  I will check to make sure we have not received them.  We need both forms from BlueBridge.

Once the budget is approved, we and apply for tax exemption status.  We will discuss in January.  The tax return is due in May; the tax exempt status form must be posted by then.  The application and determination will be posted to our website.

Marketing Committee – Brent looked into press release options.  E-Release looks to be one of the best options.  It also includes the PR newswire which is important.  We also discussed that the release dates are important.  We should wait until after the 1st of the year to get best exposure.  We want to make sure that the Wall Street is included in the release since that is looked at most.  Brent is going to forward the information to everyone.

Old Business – No updates

New Business – No new business

Next meeting – January 12th at 1:30 at Cologix.

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Tiemeier