Ohio Ix

July 6, 2017 Ohio IX Meeting

Attendees: Tim Berelsman, Doug Payauys, Marijan Adam, Nancy Tiemeier, Brent Beatty, Luke Skidmore, Greg Dunn, Paul Schopis, Lynn Child, Kim Gerhart

Membership: Discussed new form for in-kind donations.  It is a legal requirement for confirmation that no differentiation in rates be applied for the same class.  Proposed standard operating form for in-kind donation valuation.  Passed.

Confirmation clarification on Dues commitments by Membership class:  passed

On Subsequent year annual dues shall not exceed Initial year annual dues. This applies to all members of the same class

Other dues no commitment made but, a Member, at is sole discretion can elect not to pay other dues and cease to be a member.

Confirmation that there is no partial year pro-rating of dues.  If a prospective Member feels dues should be prorated for a partial year then they can wait until the following calendar year to join.  This is based on history with initial members and our history in waiving subsequent year Annual dues to date


Secretary Report  Minutes Approved

Treasurer’s Report

CTO Report

Add net flow and graphs to website

Governance Committee The meeting minutes book has been given to Nancy.  Shelby discussed new in kind donation form which was mentioned above.

Marketing Committee IP information has been put on the website for members.

Brent set up a LinkedIn page and Kim set up a business page that we can link our LinkedIN page.

Slide updates will be coming soon.

We can update the forms on the website ourselves, we won’t need outside help

We would like to send a press release out when new members join, good way to keep us in front of everyone.  This was agreed.

Lynn asked to add case studies to show for peering relationships and content providers.  We also discussed the presentation that has been put together by Brent and how that provides some of that information.

Old Business

New Business

Next meeting – August 3rd at 1:30 at Cologix with OARnet as backup

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Tiemeier