Ohio Ix

Attendees:  Tim Berelsman, Doug Payauys, Nancy Tiemeier, Brent Beatty, Luke Skidmore, Shelby Anderson, Nick Norman, Paul Schopis

Membership – No new applications.   Once we have the updated applications, We Connect and Medina will sign.  Nancy has two accounts that are interested in joining:  NCS Datacom and Fairlawn Gig.  Washington Electric is still considering as well.

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved

Operational Items-

                Technical Committee – SOP and Customer Notices – We now have access into the OARnet system.  We still need some information from Horizon, Everstream and CentraComm.  Using these turn ups to work through the SOP process.  Marijan provided some graphs showing current usage / peering.

Governance – Membership Agreement Refinements – Shelby will provide updated language.

Marketing – Membership applications Online Form – The form is online.  Once the membership application changes are made, they will be updated to the online form.

Cologix Membership Agreement with Alternative Modifications – Cologix has accepted the changes.

Membership Applications – We must give members 90 day notice of next year membership fees.

We need to start thinking about adding a router to get more Content providers.  This will add additional cost to the IX and need to consider this when discussing the dues for next year.

CTO Report – Was discussed above under operational items.

Governance Committee – We discussed fees for next year.  We will set up another call this month to discuss the fees so we can provide the information to our members.

Marketing Committee – We are moving ahead with the free table at the Cologix Columbus Connect event.  We will all keep an eye on the table and promote the IX.

Old Business – None

New Business – None

Next meeting – October 5th at NetGain at 1:30 – 8235 Estates Pkwy.

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Tiemeier