Ohio Ix

Attendees:  Tim Berelsman, Doug Payauys by proxy, Nancy Tiemeier, Brent Beatty, Luke Skidmore, Marijan Adam,  Greg Dunn, Kim Gerhart (joined after Treasurer report), Lynn Child, Paul Schopis, Preston Myer by proxy, Phil Maag, Ryan Hetrick, Chris Cameron

Opening of Meeting was completed by Tim Berelsman

Roll Call – Completed by Nancy Tiemeier

Declaration of Meeting Validity – It was concluded that we have a forum with over 50% of the membership represented at this meeting.

Secretary Report – The minutes were approved from the previous Annual Meeting.

Treasurer’s Report – Financials approved.

Chairman’s Report – Initial Senior member membership is $3150 and Associate membership is $500.  Annual fees going forward will be decided yearly.

New members:  Huntington National Bank, Involta, City of Medina, Accent Communications

Ice Miller is working on a remote switch agreement.  Bresco and IFN have shown interest in setting one up.  In the budget, we  planned for 6 remote switch members.  We have 2 in 2018.  They will exchange traffic on a royalty basis.  When using for transit, use at your own discretion, Ohio IX has no liability.  Can do active peering with remote switch operators.

At the second annual meeting, we must elect successors to the Board.  The bylaws state there will be 7 to 11 board members.  Since this is an all-volunteer organization, we are recommending 11 members, 10 senior and 1 associate.

Tim Berelsman will abstain from voting and will run the election.

Election of Directors – The Motion to Establish the Successor Board Size of 11 Directors was passed.  10 Members will be from the Senior Membership and 1 position will be from the Associate Membership.  There was a motion to elect the Successor Member Directors in 3 Groups:

Term expiring at the Annual Meeting 2019:

Initial Board Seat held by Tim Berelsman of Independent Fiber Network

Initial Board Seat held by Paul Schopis of OARnet

Initial Board Seat held by Steve Steele of Horizon


Term expiring at the Annual Meeting 2020:

Initial Board Seat held by Brent Beatty of Bresco Broadband

Initial Board Seat held by Nancy Tiemeier of Cologix

Initial Board Seat held by Lynn Child of CentraComm will now be held by Jack Wellman from


Initial Board Seat held by Luke Skidmore of NetGain


Term expiring at the Annual Meeting 2021:

Initial Board Seat held by Kim Gerhart of OneIT

Initial Board Seat held by Doug Payauys of Consolidated Electric Cooperative

Initial Board Seat left open with the resignation of Brad Scott.  This seat is filled by Pat Roger at



Term expiring at the Annual meeting 2021:

Initial Board Seat held by Greg Dunn of Ice Miller who will not be a member, but will continue to donate general legal counsel services.  This seat will be filled by Chris Cameron from Accent



Motion Approved

Board Members- Paul Schopis proposed that we keep the same board members for the positions of President, Vice President and Secretary.

President – Tim Berelsman

Vice President – Doug Payauys

Secretary – Nancy Tiemeier

Kim Gerhart was nominated for Treasurer.  This was voted on and approved.

We moved to approve the minutes from the last meetings minutes in June.

Next Board meeting – June 7th at NetGain at 9:30.  (Meeting has since been moved to June 15th at 9:30)

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Tiemeier