Ohio Ix

February 8, 2019 Ohio IX Meeting

Attendees:  Doug Payauys, Nancy Tiemeier, Brent Beatty, Luke Skidmore, Kim Gerhart,  Marijan Adam, , Tim Berelsman, Chris Cameron, Phil Maag, Adam Kujawski

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved.

Membership – No new applications

Treasurer’s Report

CTO – CentraComm is fully exchanging.  Amplex is connecting and wants IPv6.  We still need to correct the IPv6 issues and need to work with OARnet on this.  Marijan needs to contact Everstream.  We were looking to add a ticketing system but no update on software options.

Testing with Megaport, Brent is going to split his cross connect to connect 2 VLAN’s to do some testing.  They will provide a free account for 30-60 days.

Marketing Committee – Discussed the annual meeting and networking event.  We are going to have the annual meeting on April 10th at Cologix and will do the networking after.  We want to include the technical people from the existing members as well as any potential new members.  Marijan or someone from the Board may give an overview of the IX.  The committee will put the invite together and will work on a caterer for the event.

Nancy is working with one of the Cologix reps to set up calls for Fastly and Twitch.  Adam has gotten good feedback from Cloudflare and US Signal as well.  Need to set up calls with some of the Board to further discussions with these contacts.  Brent has talked to Planet 1 and WOW to see about joining the IX.  WOW has looked to start and IX as well and Brent is going to see if they would be interested in being a remote switch operator.

Governance – No report

Director Agreements and Conflict of Interest – We have them all completed.

Old / New Business –  

Remote Switch Operator Addendum – The new language looks good.  Discussed that the remote switch operator will be responsible for collecting and providing information to the Ohio IX.  The committee will finish the review of the addendum after this meeting so we can move forward.

Next meeting March 8th – 9:30 at NetGain 8235 Estates Pkwy, Plain City.

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Tiemeier