Ohio Ix

Attendees: Doug Payauys, Nancy Tiemeier, Brent Beatty, Luke Skidmore, Kim Gerhart, Marijan Adam, Tim Berelsman, Adam Kujawski, Greg Dunn, Jason Pontious, Chris Cameron, Phil Maag

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved.

Governance – Greg reviewed the IX Regulations regarding Tim maintaining his board position. His findings: .  Looking at 4.3 of the Ohio IX Code of Regulations, which says in pertinent part:  “A Director must be an employee or designee of a Senior Member…”.  So since Tim is working as an independent contractor for IFN, a Senior Member, as long as he is its designee I don’t think we have a problem.

We voted on keeping Tim on the board and as chairman – It passed. Tim abstained from the vote.

Membership – No new applications

Treasurer’s Report

  • Following motion was made – Kim Gerhart will remain as Treasurer and can have access to bank accounts as well as the Chairman and Vice Chairman. Chris Cameron moved and Luke Skidmore seconded. Motion was voted and passed.
  • Following motion was made – We are looking to change banks from First Commonwealth and move to PNC. We will close the account at First Commonwealth. Nancy Tiemeier moved, Brent Beatty seconded. Motion was voted and passed.


Associate & Senior Member Applications – No new applications


Content Sourcing –

  • Brent is discussing with Netflix and Twitch. Twitch wants more traffic before they will connect. He thinks Netflix will happen
  • Fastly has gone dark, we will reach out again
  • Intelliwave – Chris asked about their status, we talked to them at the annual meeting. He will follow up with them
  • Discussed putting together non-technical information on why enterprise, government and others should join.
  • Brent is working with gtt and the City of Hilliard to join as a senior member
  • Was recommended that we reach out to the Ohio Broadband Caucus to get them to promote us as well as Jobs Ohio and Columbus 2020
  • We need our existing members to put more traffic over the exchange
  • Suggested to look at Marketing company to help put materials together. MICE has a nice presentation on their website.
  • Cloudflare is up, they have handed it off to their network team to get the peering started



  • Everstream connectivity confirmed on our side. We need to work with them to start peering
  • We set up access for Adam on our host and we are working on IP Manager.
  • We would like a second switch, same as we have now for a spare. We would also get modules for 40 G. This would also give us the ability to set up IP Manager ourselves. The cost for the equipment, modules etc should not be more than $15,000. Adam pointed out that if we wanted to buy this model of switch, we need to do it this month or it will get more difficult to find since it is an older model. Motion was made to approve Marijan purchasing gear and modules with a budget cap of $15,000. This was passed.
  • IXP Manager – Adam has been working with this and there is an issue with the SNMP table. OARnet has it locked down. We need to get this corrected. We also need SNMP access for the remote switches. Brent will get with Adam to provide access for his remote switch.
  • There has been weekly tech meetings on Thursdays and will continue these at 3:00 on Thursdays. Anyone can call into the call and recommended for technical member contacts.
  • A Quarterly newsletter was suggested to keep members updated on technical information.


Marketing Committee

  • Gtt is still deciding about joining
  • Cincinnati Bell is trying to push it through
  • The City of Hilliard is in legal review
  • Fairlawn Gig is discussing joining


Old / New Business

  • Cost structure – We discussed our current fee structure and discussed different options to try and get new membership. Some current fees out there – Detroit is free, MICE is $250/yr, United IX is $500 a month but free until 10% port utilization. We discussed possibly having a minor membership (non-voting)with a 1G port as well as other options. A committee was put together to discuss further. The committee is Adam, Chris, Nancy and Brent.
  • Motion to adjourn.


Next meeting July 12th at Cologix at 9:30

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Tiemeier