Ohio Ix

Attendees: Doug Payauys, Nancy Tiemeier, Brent Beatty, Marijan Adam, Adam Kujawski, Phil Maag, Brian Riley, Greg Dunn, Chris Cameron, Luke Skidmore, Jason Pontious

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved.

Governance – Greg looked at the language regarding dues and said we should be ok to prorate existing customers to cover costs they have already paid versus the new membership fee.

Treasurer’s Report

Associate & Senior Member Applications

Content Sourcing 

  • Talked to Twitch and Wow.
  • Waddell and Cincy Bell want to be a remote switch, Brent has a meeting with them December 10th.
  • Adam and Brent talked with some at Nanog including Fastly. They will connect in a few weeks and are looking at 2 ports.
  • Bresco was approved with Google to cache and can share some with the IX.
  • Adam is talking to Ohio Telecom who are a CISP


  • First route servers have been switched. The second one will be done this week.
  • Looking to do a hard cutover over Thanksgiving. They will notify members 1-2 weeks ahead of time.
  • Again asked that everyone list themselves with Peeringdb. We will send letters to members that have not done so. This helps for people to find us and help to gain interest for new members
  • Cloudflare is not announcing to the servers but is to Adam. That is their policy. Need to contact them directly to peer and must be in Peering db

Marketing Committee

  • Following companies are interested – WeConnect, MadeIT, Fairlawn Gig and Zip Communications. Still working with them.

Old / New Business

Membership subcommittee pricing discussion – We need to track how much existing members have paid so we know when to start billing them the $1000 a year fee.

HE’s agreement comes up in April so we need to start discussions on how want to renew.

Gtt is now available on the IX. They are connected thru a VLAN – NNI with Bresco. This is the first step and if enough interest they will consider moving directly to the IX.


Next meeting December 10th at the Beer Barrel in Plain City at 2:30. This will be our end of year meeting / celebration.

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Tiemeier