Ohio Ix

July 9, 2020 Ohio IX Meeting

Attendees:  Nancy Tiemeier, Brent Beatty, Marijan Adam,  Chris Cameron, Luke Skidmore, Brian Riley, Doug Payauys, Greg Dunn, Adam Kujawski, Jason Gintert

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved

Governance – N/A

Treasurer’s Report

Associate & Senior Member Applications – Associate application enfoPoint Solutions.  Discussed and approved.  We were not able to validate Hawaii Pacific Teleport so that is still pending approval.  No senior membership applications.


Content Sourcing 

  • Google is on hold for adding new servers right now. Brent has a call with 123 net on ideas for growing the IX.  He is still working with the City of Columbus.  Nancy is working with Starry, Inc who is interested in the IX.


Marketing Committee 

  • Committee met and suggested targeted marketing through LinkedIn. Can tailor paid ads to the people and groups we want.  We decide how much we want to pay a day and that determines how many times things are sent out.  Chris has done this with Accent and has experience in what works best.   Looking to spend $30 to $50 a day for a couple weeks.  We can start and stop when we want.  We have about $5000 set aside for marketing in the budget and will use some of this money to do some ads.  The committee will put together some information decide who to target.
  • We would like to add some other people to the committee that aren’t already board members. If anyone has suggestions let us know.  Jason Gintert has offered to join the committee.



  • We received the /24 from ARIN and now can decide how we will utilize it. We plan to get our ASN and IPv6 space as well.
  • The support for our Juniper switches are expiring, we are working on getting that renewed.
  • We still haven’t heard back from Vision CTS. We will continue to reach out, Doug suggested trying early in the morning.  Nancy can reach help reach out if needed.
  • Traffic is consistent above 5G. There is still a drop in traffic from IFN
  • Everstream still not showing any traffic. Jason will reach out to Chuck


Old / New Business

We discussed and confirmed additional port charges for connecting to the IX.  The following were discussed and approved:

  • 1 / 10G port – The first port is $1000 a  year and additional ports are $500.
  • 40G port / 100G port- $2500 a year and additional ports are $1500


The annual meeting will be August 6th at 9:30.  It will be a virtual meeting.  Doug will send out the invite.  Tentative agenda items for the meeting

  • Will discuss numbers from last year
  • Discuss pricing change for membership
  • Acknowledge Tim’s help with the IX
  • Marijan will discuss traffic growth and infrastructure
  • Kim will provide a Treasurer report
  • Brent will provide peering benefits and do member spotlight
  • Vision of next 1 to 2 years
  • Nancy will introduce the board members and also discuss who’s term is up for vote

After the annual meeting, the board will stay on the call and have our meeting as well as vote for President and Vice President.

We will have a meeting on Monday, July 20th to discuss the vision statement.

Nancy brought up advertising Ohio IX in the Cologix portal.  They are allowing connectivity to anyone in the DC and customers will be able to see that they are there.  There is no cost to advertise we are there and we can decide if we want to allow virtual connections in the future.  Nancy will send the information that is needed to be listed.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Tiemeier