Ohio Ix

August 6, 2020 – Virtual meeting

The meeting was called to order by Doug Payauys

Recording of the members completed:

  • Consolidated Cooperative – Doug Payauys
  • Horizon – Brian Riley
  • OneIT – Kim Gerhart
  • Independent Fiber Networks – Randall Plaisure
  • Bresco Broadband – Brent Beatty
  • MetaLINK Technologies, Inc – Phillip Maag
  • NetGain Information Systems – Luke Skidmore
  • RackSquared – Joshua Grabill
  • Involta – Aaron Slotness
  • Amplex – Adam Kujawski
  • Cologix – Nancy Tiemeier
  • City of Fairlawn dba Fairlawn Gig – Ernie Staten
  • Skymesh Inc – Trent Boone
  • WeConnect (City of Westerville) – Todd Jackson
  • H5 Data Centers LLC – David Dunn
  • Kenneth G Myers Construction – Phil Maag (proxy for Todd Myers)
  • Accent Communications – Chris Cameron (left at 10:20)
  • Washington Electric – Allen Casto
  • Setson LLC – Seth Jackson
  • Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission – Mark Crosten
  • ValTech Communications – Adam Gerardi
  • WAN Dynamics – Jason Gintert
  • EnfoPoint Solutions – Mark Robinson
  • Vision CTS – Chad Brownfield
  • Rowe Internet – Joshua Rowe

Additional Attendees

  • Waddell and Associates – Jeff Waddell
  • Bresco – Mike Plank
  • IFN – Suzanne Schmitz
  • Independent Fiber Networks / Com Net– Robert Shema
  • NK Telco – Mark Spring
  • Consolidated Cooperative – Amber Morelan


Approval of Agenda – completed

Approval of prior annual meeting minutes – completed

Acknowledgements – Doug provided background of the IX and acknowledged work of the board and committees over the past year.  Doug also expressed our appreciation to Tim Berelsman who was one of the founders of the group and was our past Chairman of the organization.

Vision of the Ohio IX – To be a premier Internet Exchange for services and content in the United States

Value – Low latency connectivity and access to internet content and resources locally

Benefits of the IX

  • Lower Latency
  • Members working together
  • Shorter internet paths
  • More Secure, less hops
  • More Reliability
  • Less Expensive
  • Deliver services between members
  • Traffic stays local instead of Chicago or Ashburn

OarNet is a member and can call to set up peering.  Connections can also be set up with gtt.

Pricing Model – We have made changes to the membership fees and port availability

Senior Membership

  • was $3,150 initially and dependent after
  • now $1,000 annually

Associate Membership

  • was $500 periodically
  • now $500 annually

Port Options

  • Additional 1G or 10G port – $500/annually
  • 40G or 100G port – $2,500 annually, additional is $1,500 annually

Member Growth and Spotlight – Brent listed new members since last year and discussed remote switch.  Provided spotlight on some new members.  Here are the members that have joined since the last annual meeting:

Senior Members

  • City of Hilliard
  • WeConnect (City of Westerville)
  • Skymesh Inc
  • City of Fairlawn (dba Fairlawn Gig)
  • H5 Data Center
  • Vision Concept Technology
  • Rowe Networks

Associate Members

  • ValTech Communications
  • Setson LLC
  • WAN Dynamics
  • EnfoPoint Solutions

 Financial Report

Technical Report

  • Transition of the management from OARnet to the Ohio Technical Team
  • Deployment of HP servers and virtual environment
  • Added Juniper EX4550 for redundancy
  • 40G/100G switch deployed to increase capacity
  • Improved Cable Management
  • Integration of IXP Manager and PeeringDB
  • Six fold increase in traffic since April 2019 annual meeting – 800 Mbps to over 5Gbbps daily. Exceeded 10Gbps at the onset of COVID-19
  • Purchased additional IP space (new ASN) from ARIN. Can route DNS servers and host cache servers.  We can host more content in 2020.

Member comments and questions – We all really need to spread the word on the Ohio IX when talking with customers, contacts etc.  A few questions were asked from the members

Elections: Board of Directors

  • Senior Member Director 1 (available / vacated by Tim Berelsman) from the 2022 rotation. Brent nominated Todd Jackson from WeConnect.  This was seconded and approved.
  • Senior Member Director 6 (available/vacated by Jason Pontious). After voting to put Robert Shema as acting member instead of Randy Plaisier from Independent Fiber Network, Rob was nominated for this position.  This was a seconded and approved.
  • Senior Member Director 4 (currently held by Brent Beatty)
  • Senior Member Director 5 (currently held by Nancy Tiemeier)
  • Senior Member Director 7 (currently held by Luke Skidmore)

The above 3 were nominated, seconded and approved to remain in their positions with the same recommendation.

Old/New Business – no old or new business

Adjournment of the annual meeting by Doug Payauys