Ohio Ix

Attendees:  Nancy Tiemeier, Marijan Adam, Luke Skidmore, Brian Riley, Doug Payauys, Greg Dunn, Adam Kujawski, Jason Gintert, Kim Gerhart, Todd Jackson, Rob Shema,

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved

Governance – N/A

Treasurer’s Report

Associate & Senior Member Applications

Content Sourcing –

  • Amazon is waiting to assign ports and order the cross connects

Marketing Committee


  • Marijan thanked Jason Gintert for his help in managing the infrastructure
  • Adam is working with Chad at Vision. They are getting a new card and then will connect
  • They installed 10G hardware in server so now can monitor
  • Bresco was moved to the new switch
  • They are working on management infrastructure
  • Everstream is now up
  • ValTech’s connection has shut down their connection yesterday, we are checking to see if something is wrong
  • Traffic is steady at around 6Gig
  • Todd has a couple people interested in helping with the technical committee. James has already attended one of the Thursday calls.

 Old / New Business

  • Annual meeting review and discussion – We felt it went well. Guessing we will need to do virtual again next year.  Welcomed Rob to the board.  He is interested in helping the marketing committee.
  • The election of the CTO position was tabled from last meeting since Marijan wasn’t there. We discussed the position requirements.  Adam was also nominated.  We moved to vote on CTO between Marijan and Adam next month.
  • Past due memberships

We will have the next meeting on Thursday, October 8th at 9:30.  Conference Bridge will be sent

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Tiemeier