Ohio Ix

March 11, 2021 Ohio IX Meeting

Attendees:  Nancy Tiemeier, Luke Skidmore,  Doug Payauys, Adam Kujawski, Jason Gintert, Kim Gerhart, Todd Jackson, Rob Shema, Brent Beatty, Chris Cameron, Brian Riley, Matt Moran, Greg Dunn, Marijan Adam, Matt Moran and guest Duane Powell from the City of Hilliard

Call to Order – Brent called the meeting to order and introduced Duane Powell.  Doug will facilitate the meeting.

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved 

Governance – House Bill 2 probably going to pass.  Greg is putting summary together.  It should pass in the next month or two.  There will be money from the 1.9 Trillion relief package but not sure how it will be used.

Associate & Senior Member Applications – Senior Membership for Linear 1 Technologies.   Discussed and approved.

Content Sourcing – 

  • Matt is trying with NetFlix but no luck yet.  With a Nginx server, they would allow cache as would Google.    Members would have to purchase this router, they are getting more information.  
  • Adam spoke with Akamai, they are open to peering with the IX.  He has a call with them next week.
  • Zayo had a call with Matt last week, they may be interested in joining.

Marketing Committee 

  • Emails went out last week on the gift certificates for the online store.  Will send to Matt and Bill Fuller shortly.
  • The committee is having a meeting this afternoon.  Jason G has been helping with the social media content, it automates through his software
  • Let us know if you are having any events that the IX can participate in. 
  • Contacts need to be updated in Zero

Tech Committee / CTO Report

  • Working on budget, projects and recurring expenses.  Most costs are support related – $14,500 starting in 2022, $1300 more patch panels, VMWare licensing, Veeam back-up etc is about $10,000.  Not looking to do everything, looking at options.
  • Had VMWare issues – fixed now.  
  • Amazon still not configured.
  • Involta is peering but no traffic yet.
  • Our peak traffic is 12.5 Gig but mainly staying around 9 Gig.
  • Need to get remote switch agreement and standards done.  Adam has done some technical  documentation – putting on Google Docs.
  • H5 is not peering and don’t intend to.  This is a violation of the remote switch agreement.

Old / New Business 

  • 2021 Budget Development – marketing committee discussing today and will provide budget request.   
  • Executive team authorization for financial changes / transactions.  Was discussed to change banks.  Want to authorize members of Executive Team to change banks and also be listed on the account.  Was discussed and moved that the Executive Team members should be listed on the account.  The current Executive Team is Brent Beatty, Kim Gerhart, Doug Payauys, and Nancy Tiemeier.  Going forward at the Annual meeting, the names of the Executive Team will be listed in the minutes to document who is approved.  This was moved by Brent and seconded by Luke. This was voted and approved. There was a second motion that any member of the Executive Team can make transactions against the same bank account.  This was moved by Brian and seconded by Todd.  This was voted and approved.
  • Insurance renewals – Telecom Ins Group – prepayment – 3 yrs E&O.  We are changing providers on the umbrella policy.
  • We are still working on our case for OARnet.
  • Annual meeting – usually in April but want to push until later in the summer so hopefully can do in person.  Want to do at Top Golf again.  Bresco had covered the money we paid last time so the IX was not out the money.  He will expense the cost.  We discussed having it on August 5th or August 12th.  Brent will check on availability and work to get it reserved.  

We will have the next meeting on Friday April 9th at 9:00.  Conference Bridge will be sent


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Tiemeier