Ohio Ix

April 9, 2021 Ohio IX Meeting

Attendees:  Nancy Tiemeier, Luke Skidmore,  Doug Payauys, Adam Kujawski, Jason Gintert, Kim Gerhart, Todd Jackson, Rob Shema, Brent Beatty, Chris Cameron, Brian Riley, Phil Maag

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved 

Governance n/a

Associate & Senior Member Applications – n/a

Content Sourcing – 

  • Rob escalated to WOW.  Brent also talked to them and due to other free peering points. Probably won’t peer with us.
  • F5 isn’t a good application for us

Marketing Committee 

  • No invoices received from the company providing our clothware.  Will send to Kim when received.
  • We discussed when new members should get a GC for initial clothware.  Was decided we would send when membership payment has been received.  Chris will send the GC once payment has been received.
  • The budget is being provided to the Executive Committee
  • Jason let us know that he can handle the web hosting in house and will work to get it moved over.  Our WordPress is out of date as well as is the SSL.  Jason needs access to the website from Kim and then will do a back-up and restore.

Tech Committee / CTO Report

  • Last Thursday added cable management to the Arista gear.
  • Need Linear 1 information from Brent to turn up.  Brent will send.
  • Amazon’s 2nd port is up but no traffic yet.
  • Need host DNS, we need a place to put them.  Looking at Google and Cloudflare.  We are moving bank accounts so will wait until that is done.  Once done will have reverse DNS for everyone on the IX
  • Arista switches – working on best practices default.  Will integrate with IXP Manager and secure configurations that we got from MICE.

Old / New Business 

  • 2021 Budget Development – marketing committee sending budget to Kim.  Kim as other budgets and has been populating spreadsheet.  Will schedule time for Exec committee to review.
  • Remote Switch – Doug sending to everyone to look at so we can get it out.  It was suggested that you have to be a senior member to connect through remote switch operator.  Also need to control the cost the remote switch operator can charge.
  • Annual Mtg – want to send out an email to everyone to get it on their calendars.  Do a save the date.  We have 60 spots available.
  • We need to make changes to the by-laws and get them to Greg.  Add 30 to 60 day continuity of membership.

We will have the next meeting on Friday May 7th 9th at 9:00.  Conference Bridge will be sent


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Tiemeier