Ohio Ix

2021 Ohio IX Annual Meeting

August 5, 2021 – Top Golf

The meeting was called to order by Doug Payauys at 1:20

Recording of the members completed:

  • Adtran -Doug Payauys
  • Consolidated Cooperative – Dan Boysel
  • Horizon – Brian Riley
  • OneIT – Kim Gerhart and Marijan Adam
  • Independent Fiber Networks – Rob Shema
  • Bresco Broadband – Brent Beatty
  • MetaLINK Technologies, Inc – Phillip Maag (proxy was Doug Payauys)
  • NetGain Information Systems – Luke Skidmore
  • RackSquared – Joshua Grabill
  • Involta – Aaron Slotness
  • City of Hilliard – Duanne Powell
  • Cologix – Nancy Tiemeier
  • Integrated Network Concepts – Matt Moran
  • Centracom – Jason Pontious – (proxy was Doug Payauys)
  • WeConnect (City of Westerville) – Todd Jackson
  • Accent Communications – Chris Cameron (proxy was Doug Payauys)
  • Washington Electric – Allen Casto
  • Setson LLC – Seth Jackson
  • Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission – Mark Crosten (proxy was Nancy Tiemeier)
  • ValTech Communications – Adam Gerardi (proxy was Brent Beatty)
  • WAN Dynamics – Jason Gintert
  • Rowe Internet – Joshua Rowe
  • Linear 1 Technologies – Scott Verbus
  • NK Telco – Preston Meyer (proxy was Doug Payauys)
  • enfoPoint – Mark Robison (proxy was Doug Payauys)

Approval of Agenda – completed

Approval of prior annual meeting minutes – completed

Acknowledgements – Doug provided background of the IX and acknowledged work of the board and committees over the past year.  

Vision of the Ohio IX – Brian Riley provided the vision

Vision – To be premier Internet Exchange for services and content in the United States.

Value- Low latency connectivity and access to Internet content and resources locally.

Pricing Model – Presented by Doug and Brent.

Senior Membership 

  • $1,000 annually

Associate Membership

  • $500 annually

Port Options

  • Additional 1G or 10G port – $500/annually
  • 40G or 100G port – $2,500 annually, additional is $1,500 annually

Member Growth and Peering Benefits

Six new senior members and one new associate member in 2020

Three largest content providers on the IX

  • AWS
  • Fastly
  • Cloudflare

Peering Benefits

  • Lower Latency
  • Packet Buffers clear faster
  • Reduced CPU load in routers and network equipment
  • Faster packet throughput
  • Offloads your more expensive internet pipes
  • Member to member traffic takes a more secure path

Brent also discussed Peering Request Etiquette

The goal of the peering request is to make it as easy for the other party to say “yes”. 

Peering Request Information

  • Your AS Number
  • What facility you want to peer at. ex: Cologix COL3
    Gather information from peeringdb.com
  • Your full contact information. NOC Email, 24×7 Contact Phone Number, Names, Phone# and Email Addresses of Key contacts. 
  • If your IP Information is listed in an IRR, list the IRR. If not, list your IP Address blocks.
  • Have a company entry in PeeringDB and keep it up to date

Governance Report

Code of Regulations – We proposed Changes to the existing document.

  • Senior Members must have an ASN and connectivity to the Ohio IX switches is preferred, but not required
    • Allows for remote switch senior members to connect
    • Allows for senior members that can only offer financial support
  • Board of Directors must be made up of at least one Associate member and now will be up to four; the majority of directors must be Senior members
  • Meetings can take place in any place – physical or virtual – as designated by the board
  • Removed outdated dues language detailing initial amounts from when Ohio IX was established.

This was discussed and a motion and second was provided for the changes.  This was voted on and approved.

Financial Report

  • The following members joined the exchange in 2020 and added to our earnings:

Senior: Associate:

Starry WAN Dynamics

Watch Communications

US Signal

Integrated Network Concepts

Rowe Internet

H5 Data Centers

Technical Report 

  • Discussed management infrastructure improvements
  • Obtained additional IP resources from ARIN
  • Secured new Arista equipment – upgraded capacity from 8.3 Tbps to 20 Tbps, added 25Gbps member port capacity – looking to connect to the new environment on August 13th and move to the new equipment on August 23rd.
  • Automated IXP Manager and discussed PeeringDB
  • Improved Cable Management
  • Integration of IXP Manager and PeeringDB
  • Six fold increase in traffic since April 2019 annual meeting – 800 Mbps to over 5Gbbps daily.  Exceeded 10Gbps at the onset of COVID-19
  • Purchased additional IP space (new ASN) from ARIN.  Can route DNS servers and host cache servers.  We can host more content in 2020.  

Member comments and questions – Question was asked about Netflix servers

Elections: Board of Directors

  • Senior Member Director 8 (currently held by Kim Gerhart of OneIT)
  • Senior Member Director 9 (currently held by Doug Payauys of ADTRAN)
  • Senior Member Director 10 (currently held by Phil Maag of MetaLink)
  • Associate Member Director 11 (currently held by Chris Cameron of Accent Communications)

The above 4 were nominated, seconded and approved to remain in their positions with the same recommendation.

  • Senior Member Director 2 (available / vacated by Adam Kujawski) from the 2022 rotation.  Jason Gintert of WAN Dynamics and Scott Verbus of Linear 1 Technologies were nominated.  After a vote, Jason Gintert was elected to this Director position by majority.

Old/New Business – no old or new business

Adjournment of the annual meeting by Doug Payauys