Ohio Ix

September 10, 2021 Ohio IX Meeting

Attendees:  Nancy Tiemeier, Luke Skidmore, Doug Payauys, Jason Gintert, Rob Shema, Kim Gerhart, Brian Riley, Phil Maag, Rob Shema, Brent Beatty, Chris Cameron, Matt Moran

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved for July and August

Governance – The updates on the Code of Regulations that were approved at the annual meeting has been updated on the website.

Associate & Senior Member Applications – 

Associate Membership – Arista; voted and approved

Senior Membership – Cincinnati Bell and Subspace Communication – both were voted and approved

Content Sourcing – Matt has been working with Netflix.  We are working with Watch to see if they can be a sponsor for the servers.  The IX will be responsible for the maintenance.  We are still working on it.

Marketing Committee 

  • Discussed regional Happy Hours – not sure timing is right but thought with smaller events it might work.  Want to keep members engaged and try to recruit new members.
  • Chris asked about the apparel and how orders were going.  They have had issues getting Under Armour clothing.  If you have orders that haven’t been filled, please get with Chris.  We still have not gotten an invoice from them.

Tech Committee / CTO Report

  • We are all migrated to Arista, it was completed on August 23rd
  • Marijan moved patches and documented patch panel.  After maintenance, it shows about 10GB of traffic.  We will decommission Juniper gear over the next month
  • Brent is having issues with Cloudflare, having problem getting ahold of someone to help on their side.
  • Moved website to Google based server and hosting.  HTTPS now working.  Updated content – we can now manage.
  • Email and Domain hosting – needs payment updated to the Ohio IX card
  • IXP manager updated to 5.8, did content cleanup and aet up mail chimp (up to 2,000 contacts).  We may move to Hub Spot.
  • Ohio IXP is the new Twitter name
  • Working on documenting everything and getting the tech committee trained.
  • Want to upgrade route servers and upgrade to BIRD

Old / New Business 

  • H5 – Matt talking to them to get them to connect to exchange.  They have a 3rd party managing their switch and are not peering.  Matt setting up call with Doug and their contacts.
  • Discussed new strategic direction.  We are getting to the point with our traffic that we can reach out to bigger players and other data centers.  Rob is going to head this up.  Jason has put a presentation together which he will send out to everyone.
  • Discussed trying to get OARnet to peer more.  Putting together some traffic information and benefits to them.

Next meeting – October 15th 9:00 am.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Tiemeier