Ohio Ix

Columbus, OH – October 28th, 2021 – The Ohio Internet Exchange (Ohio IX) has deployed new industry-leading network switch platforms to further enhance the value of the Internet Exchange for current and future Ohio IX participants. The organization chose the ultra high-performance Arista 7060 and 7280R switches because they deliver a rich choice of interface speed and density and best meet the Ohio IX objectives to increase the number of available 10Gbps and 25Gbps ports, augment 100Gbps services, and remain price competitive in the market, all of which serve to increase participation and promote higher traffic levels at the Internet Exchange points operated by Ohio IX.  

“We are thrilled to build our network infrastructure with Arista switch platforms at Ohio IX, which are helping us address increasing demand and add greater value to our membership,” said Jason Gintert, board member and CTO of Ohio IX. “Optimizing the Arista technology will allow us to achieve our core mission of interconnecting networks throughout the state of Ohio while reducing costs and improving performance–benefiting the Ohio Internet community and beyond.”

Deploying the new Arista switches provides the Internet Exchange the capacity to support up to 20Tbps of total throughput in the exchange fabric, nearly 3x the amount of the previous infrastructure, affording the Ohio IX much more room for growth. 

“We’re excited to partner with the Ohio Internet Exchange to bring innovation, scalability, flexibility and performance to their network as their participants’ needs continue to increase,” said Chris Kane, Systems Engineering Lead at Arista Networks. “Ohio IX is a valued client for us, in the company of many other exchanges around the world that rely on Arista’s leading-edge platforms to operate in demanding technology environments where high performance is essential.” 

About Ohio IX

Ohio IX is a not-for-profit corporation that operates an Internet Exchange led by an experienced group of network and business professionals from prominent businesses throughout Ohio. Ohio IX provides internet and network-based businesses to connect confidently to a professional and responsive local Internet exchange. The Ohio IX member community of peers is a strong, dependable, and diverse group of organizations dedicated to improving Ohio’s internet through collaboration and cooperation. For more information, please visit https://ohioix.net or follow Ohio IX on LinkedIn and Twitter