Ohio Ix

June 9, 2022 OhioIX Meeting

Attendees:  Nancy Tiemeier, Luke Skidmore, Doug Payauys, Rob Shema, Brent Beatty, Matt Moran, Jason Gintert, Todd Jackson, Josh Rowe, and Greg Dunn

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved 

Governance – Starting to release funding, need to get our information to Peter

Associate & Senior Member Applications – No new applications

Content Committee

  • Working on large providers – Meta, Akamai (patched from Cleveland).
  • Arelion and Armstrong in Cologix
  • Still working on Google


  • Chris asked to step back from leading this committee due to current workload.  Todd Jackson offered to lead up this committee.  Brent offered Chris Tovar to join the committee and help as well
  • Happy Hour at McKenzie River – Marketing committee will establish a date and send out invites
  • Will look at dates for other markets

Tech Committee / CTO Report

  • New traffic all time high of 55Gbps on May 10th (two games on Valve, patch Tuesday w/MS)
  • Daily draffic is 36-38Gbps
  • We have activated IXP Manager integratred Route Server #2! #1 coming soon.
  • 100G optics are on order to upgrade Amazon to 2 x 100G
  • New Microsoft cache turned up May 5th, 20G capacity
  • New facilities based remote switch installed in FairlawnGig cabinet in Cleveland on May 12th
  • Upgraded FairlawnGig to 100G on May 13
  • Turned up Cleveland switch May 23rd
  • Activated Veeam backups which are offsite to Integrated
  • Discussed bringing in Megaport so members can leverage them to connect. Question regarding use of free cross connect for this?
  • Still awaiting turn up with: CISP, DSW, FirstComm, MadeIT, Medina Fiber, Path Network, PCH, DFN, and Waddell.

Old / New Business 

  • MegaPort – Discussed connecting to them as an option for members.  Still want to investigate more
  • Marketing Document for Broadband Ohio – Went over slick that Michelle put together and discussed adding Phase 1 and Phase 2 maps to show our plans.  Need to get to Peter so we can try and get some of the funds.
  • Annual Meeting – Top Golf August 18th from 1:30 to 4:30.  We need to put the presentation together.  Will go over in detail at the next meeting.
  • Past due accounts – Discussed how to proceed with accounts that have not paid and ones that are getting free cross connects.

Next meeting – The next Ohio IX Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for July 22nd, 2022 at 9:00 am.  We will also provide a dial-in

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Tiemeier