Ohio Ix

September 16 2022 OhioIX Meeting

Attendees:  Nancy Tiemeier, Luke Skidmore, Doug Payauys, Brent Beatty, Jason Gintert, Rob Shema, Kim Gerhart, Chris Cameron, Brian Riley, Matt Moran, Marijan Adam and Greg Dunn

Associate & Senior Member Applications – King Networks – They are a WISP in Detroit.  They connect to the data center in Troy, OH and want to be a direct switch operator in the future.  Voted and passed

Content Committee

  • Working with Google to determine in peering presence makes sense
    • No update on FaceBook
    • Limelight – will reach out this month
    • Ultimate in Indiana – they are looking for connectivity
    • Cache Fly – Doug provided information


  • We need a new chair- will reach out to some members to see if there is an interest
  • Happy Hours – Chris Tovar reached out to some places in Cleveland, probably off of 77 and not downtown.  In Cincinnati, looking at Municipal BrewWorks in Hamilton (Aaron Holts has ownership in this.
  • Possible dates – October 13th in Cleveland and October 19th in Cincinnati
  • Chris C discussed doing a tailgate for OSU game.  Could piggyback off of tailgate that he has
  • Membership drive – combine with happy hours

Tech Committee / CTO Report

  • Traffic averaging 50 to 60 Gbps.  Peaked at 75Gbps with Thursday night football for Thursday night football.
  • Upgraded last route server.  It is all integrated and members can see all routes
  • IFN has upgraded to 100 G port
  • CISP is peering
  • DSW is now connected
  • FirstComm is getting turned up
  • Port capacity – 10G port is about 30% and 100G has 15% utilization

Old / New Business

  • Financial needs – Now that are getting bigger, need automation and someone to handle invoicing etc.  Payments should be ACH.  Will look into possible companies that we could hire to help
  • Broadband Ohio – Had a call with Peter and Patrick.  They are working with Middle Mile funding.  Provided cost for equipment and transport.  Would like to work with the existing Ohio Network.  We need letters of support and need to work quickly to get them.  Letters from people in the community, political aspects, underserved areas (Athens and Apalachia).  We need a template letter to provide to get a quicker response.  Dustin from Fairlawn Gig would like a letter from us and he would provide one to us.
  • Could look to BlueBridge as another Remote Switch Operator
  • We had the following Motion – The Ohio IX will engage Integrated Concept Network Concepts for Veeam backup and licensing that are critical to the operations of the Ohio IX and must support them financially for services rendered.  This was moved, seconded and passed.
  • The next meeting will be Friday, October 14, at Cologix at 9:00