Ohio Ix

March 3, 2023, Ohio IX Meeting

Attendees:  Nancy Tiemeier, Doug Payauys, Brent Beatty, Jason Gintert, Rob Shema, Matt Moran, Aaron Holtz, Luke Skidmore, Greg Dunn, Duane Powell

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved 

Doug announced that Matt Moran changed jobs and is now working for ZScaler as a Network Engineer.  He is looking to stay involved with the IX.

Governance – The Governor’s office applied for over $1Billion of bead money which they may start getting this year.  Also $100 Million for ORBAG programs.  This money may come this year.

There is no ruling on the Middle mile yet.  Duane asked about pole attachments.  It hasn’t been pushed yet, no interest groups.  We discussed trying to get something going.

Next meeting – Friday, April 7th at 9:00  to 10:30 at Cologix 

Associate & Senior Member Applications – N/A

Content Committee

  • Momentum Telecom – Matt contacted them.  
  • Worked on some inbound requests
  • Talking to Cyrus 1 in Cincinnati 


  • Happy Hour in Cincinnati was successful.  Didn’t have as many people as hoped for but had a good conversation with those that were there.
  • Press Release – Chris Tovar will help us to write the press releases, so we don’t need to pay anyone. Ideas – Discuss growth the IX has had, Highlight members; possibly Bresco and WISPS, Regional traffic from Cincinnati and how we have shifter traffic from Chicago as well as the advantage of Municipalities using the IX.  Will schedule a call to go over in more detail and get written
  • Website is signed and moving forward.  Jason provided technical information so they can get started.
  • Discussed next happy hour to be in Athens area on May 18th.  Possibly at Jackie O’s

Tech Committee 

ICS – invoice is paid but waiting on technical information to turn them up.  Buckeye Telecom has shown some interest and might want to be a remote switch for the Toledo area.

Received 4 more HP servers and putting in storage
-Activated OmniFiber
-Working with King Networks, will be activated soon
-Discovered new method for PCAP on Arista switches. Shared with tech committee
-Need to upgrade Arista switches, current version of software went end of support this month
-Need to upgrade/patch route servers
-All hosts running Ubuntu 18.04 need upgraded, it goes EOS in April
-IXP Manager
-Signed for new storage unit, will be $56/mo – 5’x10’ controlled unit located on Alta View.  Will document access for technical committee.

CTO Report-163Gbps peak on Monday 2/27

Port Inventory
-40/100G Ports -19 of 64 – 29% Utilization
-1/10G Ports – 53 of 96 – 55% Utilization

-40/100G Ports – 3 of 32 – 9% Utilization
-1/10G Ports – 1 of 116 – 1% Utilization

-1/10G Ports – 2 of 32 – 6% Utilization

Newsletter to go out soon will send to board for review
-Started working with Slantics on new site
-Started exploring Open IX OIX-1 certification for us
-Call with CyrusOne rescheduled to next week to explore remote switch in their center.

Old / New Business 

  • CyrusOne/Cincy remote switch request – Setting up a call next week.  We think this is for the location in Lebanon.  Cato is there.  They would need to provide transport.  For remote switches, may want requirements on marketing us.
  • Cross Connect Pre Pay Option and Contract – Brent put together an agreement for members to sign if we are going to allow them to go through us.  They will pay all fees and any increases.  Will also charge a small administrative fee.  We need to show Greg to see if any changes.  Will also put on Google Docs.
  • Website makeover – The contract is signed and Jason will be the initial technical contact.  We only have one revision so need to make sure we are covering everything that is needed when reviewing.  Nancy will be the point person on the website with Slantics and the board.
  • Code of Regulations – Changes need to get out to membership – need a 2/3 vote.
  • Remote Switch Operator – rework. We are working on changes.  We would own the switch but they would need to provide transport.  
  • Need help with lists to use to send out for happy hours, meetings etc.  Need our members to provide other contacts like Accounting, Executives, Marketing.  We are going to keep these all in IXP Manager.  Would be good if members could go in and update this information.

Meeting adjourned.  

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Tiemeier