Ohio Ix

May 5, 2023 – Ohio IX Board Meeting
Attendees:  Doug Payauys, Brent Beatty, Jason Gintert, Luke Skidmore, Greg Dunn, Chris Cameron, Kim Gerhart, Rob Shema, Josh Rowe, and Vonda Dilley
Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed
Secretary Report – Minutes Approved
Next meeting – Friday, June 16 at 9:00 to 10:30 at Cologix
Treasurer Report
· Member fees from:
o Omni Fiber
Member Dues Outstanding

  • Designer Brands, Inc.
  • enfoPoint Solutions
  • Everstream Solutions LLC
  • FirstComm
  • Hurricane Electric (HE)
  • Integrated Networks
  • Involta
  • Kenneth G. Myers Constructions Co., Inc.
  • Medina County Fiber (Lit Communities)
  • OneIT, Inc.
  • Racksquared LLC
  • Setson LLC
  • Smart Way Communications LLC
  • Southern Fibernet Corp.
  • Starry
  • Vision
  • Waddell Solutions Group LL
  • Watch Communications

Governance – Greg shared that a proposed bill would set up a state fund to pay up to $7500 for extensive utility pole make-ready where fiber needs to be installed by a service provider but is considered cost-prohibitive.
Senior Member Application: Cloud Propeller, Inc. – discussion on their business; motion to approve as senior member pending payment from Brent, second from Luke
Content Sourcing Report:

  • Google has been quiet about the caching server; this is our 4th application with them and nothing is happening (yet again); Jason reached out to Pitt IX since they were successful in getting one; Brent is going to go back to the Google application process and try to move it forward again.
  • Edge.io and Netskrt caches need some prep and installation assistance to move them forward; Brent offered to provide assistance

Marketing Committee Report:

  • Nothing set up for a May happy hour event
  • Looking to June for our next happy hour given schedules; Vonda will reach out to Ryan Collins for assistance with getting people there once we pick a date; suggestions for Jackie O’s Brewery or Devil’s Kettle Brewing.
  • Nancy is working with Michelle on our website rework; Jason prepared technical FAQs for use on the site
  • Discussion that the next press release should be at the end of May and probably will highlight the annual meeting
  • OTA meeting happening the week of May 7; Vonda offered to prospect for new members and include Ohio IX information at Horizon’s booth

Technical Committee Report:

  • Arista switch upgraded on 5/4
  • Upgraded all but two Ubuntu servers; IXP Manager server needs an upgrade but will probably be done on a new server
  • Microsoft cache upgrade – 10 Gbps before and 17 Gbps after upgrade
  • Looking at adding a NetGeo cache
  • Netskrt – may ship us a cache
  • FairlawnGig – offered to act as our redundant backup site
  • Need power upgrade at Cologix and then need to upgrade/add PDUs
  • While performing maintenance, realized that we need some upgrades to out-of-band access (expect a budget request)
  • Amazon – 100G finally transitioning on their ports

CTO Report:

  • Peaked 169 Gbps on 4/30/2023
  • Newsletter to members went out last month
  • OhioIX.net’s new website is almost complete
  • Cato Networks – needed legal review, so slower to connect that expected; Hurricane is ordering XC for their connection
  • CloudFlare – traffic or peering issues? (might need to check with Jason’s notes on this)

New/Old Business:

  • GeoStar – working with Bresco to add their 10G increase since transport will saturate the remote switch connection
  • CyrusOne – there may have been some changes to personnel there and our previous contact, Ben Hedges, no longer handles the remote switch discussions; we are picking back up on a new update to the Remote Switch Operator Agreement as a group.
  • Document review – Code of Regulations, Remote Switch Operator Agreement – Brent to set up virtual meeting on 5/19 for the group to review needed changes and then send draft Code off to Greg.
  • Annual meeting set for Thursday, July 27th at 11 AM.  Meeting will take place from 11 AM to Noon.  Golf bays and lunch from 12 PM – 2 PM; set to accommodate 60 people, but can edit totals up to a week before the event and can support up to 100.

Meeting adjourned
Doug Payauys