Ohio Ix

October 6, 2023 – Ohio IX Board Meeting

Attendees:  Doug Payauys, Brent Beatty, Nancy Tiemeier, Jason Gintert, Rob Shema, Matt Moran, Luke Skidmore, Chris Cameron, Kim Gerhart Greg Dunn, and Chris Tovar

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved 

Next meeting – November 2, 2023 – Cologix

Governance Report

  • The FTC new chair is making a new rule – NPRM which will make internet a regulated service.  Not sure what it will look like but would be regulated like telecom is today.
  • Application for Pole money gets posted November 6th.  The application was posted today.  Payment in March for pole replacement for underserved areas.

Associate and Senior Membership Applications – Momentun Telecom, Inc and Radion submitted Senior membership applications.  They were discussed and a motion was made to approve them as senior members pending payment of fees.  This was voted and approved.

Treasure Report


Member Dues Outstanding:

  • Everstream Solutions LLC
  • Medina County Fiber (Lit Communities)
  • Smart Way Communications LLC
  • Watch Communications

Invoices owed to Ohio IX

  • Renewals for 2023
    • See above

There are 6 outstanding members who have not paid their dues.  We are sending notices stating if they don’t pay by a specified day (shortly after notice being sent), we are going to shut off their ports.

Dues – Do we need to change for next year?  No major expenses from the technical group are anticipated in the coming year.

Content Sourcing

  • Breezeline is still interested – they are working on infrastructure in Cologix.
  • Google – They are building out Columbus.  The AS will eventually be here and waiting until then.  Don’t want to do it through cache.

Marketing Committee

  • Press release is ready – need information on new companies.
  • The happy hour wasn’t as big as wanted but did have some good discussions.  Looking at NW Ohio or Dayton for the next one in med November (possibly Perrysburg).  
  • Holiday meeting – combine meeting and lunch on December 7th.  Committee to figure out plans and location. 
  • Need to make sure we don’t call Content providers members; they have a different arrangement

Technical Committee

Edg.io/Edgecast is turned up and peering

Cato Networks is turned up and peering

New PDUs are installed

Netskrt cache is installed

Akamai issues are resolved

Renewed .net, .com & .org domains for one more year, put new credit card on file

Found dual 40G NIC for Microsoft cache for $13, purchased

CTO Report

313Gbps peak on Thursday October 8th (beat PIT-IX last night and for ATH!)

Amazon really close to maxing out 200Gbps, hit 182Gbps

Port Inventory


40/100G Ports -20 of 64 – 31% Utilization

1/10G Ports – 51 of 96 – 53% Utilization


40/100G Ports – 3 of 32 – 9% Utilization

1/10G Ports – 1 of 116 – 1% Utilization


1/10G Ports – 2 of 32 – 6% Utilization

New/Old Business:

  • 2024 Budget discussion – working on for next month
  • 2024 membership rates discussion – discussed in technical report – no large expenses anticipated from the technical team for next year
  • Disconnect process for 2024 – need to establish and be listed on the invoice.  The invoice should go to both the billing contact and the technical contact.
  • Charter/Spectrum peering status – Jason talked to them regarding concerns.  They said it would create a problem to put items into a document for legal review but is ok to document in an email.  They will have capacity 1st Quarter of next year and they will order the 100G optics.  They have agreed to our requests.
  • Code of Conduct – will schedule a meeting with the subcommittee.

Meeting adjourned


Nancy Tiemeier.