Ohio Ix

December 7, 2023 – Ohio IX Board Meeting

Attendees:  Doug Payauys, Brent Beatty, Nancy Tiemeier, Jason Gintert, Rob Shema, Matt Moran, Luke Skidmore, Josh Rowe,, Aaron Holtz, Phil Maag, Kim Gerhart and Chris Tovar

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved 

Next meeting – January 5th at 9:00 at Cologix 

Governance Report – There is a lot of money out there including Columbus for internet for low income housing.  There are also other communities getting funding for their IX in other states so starting to be a precedent.  Kansas approved $5 million to fund their IX.  We should set up another meeting with Peter or Amy.  We will reach out to set that up.

Associate Membership Application – n/a

Senior Membership Applications 

Foothills Communication – local phone company. Rob discussed their company and Jason had also reached out to them.   A motion was made to approve Foothills Communications to be a senior member pending payment.  It was voted on and approved.

Content Sourcing

  • Working on strategy for larger eyeballs – trying to talk to OARnet.
  • Google will hopefully join soon – issue is that some members already have cache to Google.  If we could aggregate the usage, we might get their attention.

Marketing Committee

  • Happy Hour in NW Ohio (Perrysburg) scheduled for January 18th . Looking to go to Bar Louie.  Need to look at dates for 2024 to schedule other happy hours across the state
  • Inventory – T-shirts and sweatshirts – need to look to find source to order other clothware (or allow members to order)
  • Press Release – We have had 2.  Looking to do 2 more; one on traffic and another on new members.  This will leave 4 we haven’t used.  Checked and can roll these over if we purchase additional press releases for next year.  A Motion was made to purchase another 5 press releases and get 3 free for $399.  This was voted on and passed.  This will allow us to roll over unused press releases as well.
  • Need to discuss ideas for 2024.  Possible webinar.  
  • The website has a few items that still need fixed.  Need to get together and see what we can fix and what we need the company that designed the site to fix.  Will work with Josh and Jason.

Technical Committee

Special thanks to Arista for donating switch.  It is much appreciated!   

Found out DCIX is connecting with one of the Data Centers in Dublin.

Was waiting for billing and payment for new members (Radian & Momentum) but have now provisioned. Wait for payment to turn up?

Was waiting to see if any past due members remitted checks. Did they? Shutting off all that haven’t.

Schduling time in December to:

Add dual 40G NIC to Microsoft cache

Replace fan in VMware host

Put in cross connect for Spectrum

altaFiber upgrading to 100G

CTO Report

310Gbps peak on Thursday October 15th

Great meetings at NANOG 89!

Talked with AJ Steller at Charter/Spectrum (who is going to H5). 100G port is available for us to connect with them in Columbus.

Met Pavlov Media at peering forum, applied as member

Talked to Nicole Kangas at Microsoft, said peering router is not coming to Ohio anytime soon

Met with Harshiva Matcha @ ByteDance/TikTok. They’re going to be building our network, will contact us when they are looking at Ohio.

Port Inventory


40/100G Ports -20 of 64 – 31% Utilization

1/10G Ports – 51 of 96 – 53% Utilization


40/100G Ports – 3 of 32 – 9% Utilization

1/10G Ports – 1 of 116 – 1% Utilization


1/10G Ports – 2 of 32 – 6% Utilization

New/Old Business:

  • Membership status – past due – Discussed above in Treasurer report.
  • Code of Conduct – Need to set a date to get together to discuss proposed changes.  May want to add technical information or refer them to the web site to get the most updated information.

Meeting adjourned


Nancy Tiemeier.