Ohio Ix

January 5, 2024 – Ohio IX Board Meeting

Attendees:  Doug Payauys, Brent Beatty, Nancy Tiemeier, Jason Gintert, Rob Shema, Matt Moran, Luke Skidmore, Josh Rowe, Greg Dunn, Brian Riley, Chris Cameron, Aaron Holtz, Phil Maag, and Chris Tovar

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved 

Next meeting – February 2nd at 9:00 at Cologix 

Governance Report – n/a

Associate Membership Application – n/a

Senior Membership Applications – n/a

Content Sourcing

  • Working on finding new members.

Marketing Committee

  • Have 14 press releases to use this year.  Will try and send one once a month.  We need some content – will do one on some of the founding members.  Also, on traffic milestones and how content helped to grow the IX.  The target for 2024 is to cross the 500 Gbps threshold this year.
  • Happy Hour will be February 15th in NW Ohio.  Chris is putting the invite together.  
  • Want to look at existing inventory for cloth ware (will look at storage unit after next meeting)   Trying to find a source where people can order their own cloth ware like we offered in the past.  Need a new company to handle it.
  • Discussed sending a newsletter.  Jason will get with Chris.  
  • Need to update addresses and Best practices

Government Committee – We will respond to Amy (in Peter’s office) and send dates that we can meet. Possible dates are 1/25 and February 9th.

Technical Committee

Technical Committee

OmniFiber upgraded to 100G

Western Reserve Communications is connected and are in quarantine
-Put in cross connect for Spectrum & OmniFiber
-Dual 40G NIC to Microsoft cache
-Installing Arista management switch
-Rack new patch panels

CTO Report

335Gbps peak on Thursday December 14th 2023
-Migrated over to Cloud Propellar for backups
-We have Veeam licensing  with him, Petar has agreed to his cost  $140/mo
-Still need to cancel 
-Upgrade IXP Manager host and version
-Evaluate all hosts for updates
-Deploy remote switches where appropriate
-Deploy AS112 server
-Evaluate RPKI, MANRS & Open IX compliance

Port Inventory

-40/100G Ports -20 of 64 – 31% Utilization
-1/10G Ports – 51 of 96 – 53% Utilization

-40/100G Ports – 3 of 32 – 9% Utilization
-1/10G Ports – 1 of 116 – 1% Utilization

-1/10G Ports – 2 of 32 – 6% Utilization

New/Old Business:

  • Membership status – past due – We are all good on any outstanding invoices.
  • Insurance for 2024 – Liability, D&O, Cyber – We pay annually.  We should rebid the insurance options to see if can get a better price.   Regarding Cyber, don’t feel it is needed at this point since all information is public information.
  • Code of Conduct – Asked for someone to lead this.  Brent offered and will schedule a call.
  • Annual Meeting – Want to move it back to April or May.  Brent is going to check on some available dates with Top Golf.

Meeting adjourned