Ohio Ix

February 2, 2024 – Ohio IX Board Meeting

Attendees:  Doug Payauys, Brent Beatty, Nancy Tiemeier, Jason Gintert, Rob Shema, Matt Moran, Luke Skidmore, Josh Rowe, Brian Riley, Aaron Holtz, Kim Gerhart, and Chris Tovar

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved 

Next meeting – March 1st at 9:00 at Cologix 

Governance Report – n/a

Associate Membership Application – n/a

Senior Membership Applications – n/a

Content Sourcing –

  • Will reach out to Breezeline
  • Talking to Armstrong
  • Jason met with Alex at Cachefly and they are interested in cache – will get more information.  They are big in the gaming community.
  • Netskirt – will be streaming Olympics & Peacock.  Amazon giving them more to offload so will see more traffic

Marketing Committee

  • Need to send reminder for the Happy Hour in NW Ohio
  • Jason and Chris met on the newsletter, were waiting on the press release to go out to include that as well.  We may just want to get it sent out.
  • Website updates – need some wording changes and logos added.  Working on adding a technical section.  Josh can do most of the work.  Also looking to announce meetings and other events on the website (OHNUG and OhioX)

Government Committee –

We will respond to Amy (in Peter’s office) and send dates that we can meet. Possible dates are 1/25 and February 9th.

Technical Committee

Western Reserve Communications is live and peering!
-Foothills Coop is live! Big thanks to Petar from Cloud Propellar for getting this cross connect done. We had to pull old Amazon cross connect out
-Adam Kujawski is back!
-Will need more 100G optics soon, they are going fast. Would like to purchase 4 @ $400/ea
-A motion was made to purchase 4 – 100G optics for around $400 each.  This was seconded and approved. Dual 40G NIC to Microsoft cache
-Installing Arista management switch
-Rack new patch panels
-Pull any and all old unused cross connects  – We are paying for one of Cloudflare’s cross connects.  We need them to start paying for it.

CTO Report

318Gbps peak on Saturday January 13th 2024
-CacheFly would like to host a cache with us and connect at 100G. We should have the space and power, is this OK?
-Working on cancelling Cloudflare cross connect
-Cost on Veeam licensing ends up around $270/mo which is still less than we were paying with INC
– Goals:
-Upgrade IXP Manager host and version
-Evaluate all hosts for updates
-Deploy remote switches where appropriate
-Deploy AS112 server
-Evaluate RPKI, MANRS & Open IX compliance

New/Old Business

  • Membership status – past due – We are all good on any outstanding invoices.
  • Insurance for 2024 – We are getting quotes for options
  • Code of Conduct – We pulled some information from other IX’s.  Setting up meeting to discuss
  • Annual Meeting subcommittee formation and actions – Looking at a date in May.  If do mid-week we can get a discount.  Brent is checking on dates.  Subcommittee – Brent, Nancy, Josh, Brian and Jason

Meeting adjourned