Ohio Ix

April 5, 2024 – Ohio IX Board Meeting

Attendees:  Doug Payauys, Brent Beatty, Nancy Tiemeier, Jason Gintert, Rob Shema, Matt Moran, Luke Skidmore, Josh Rowe, Aaron Holtz, Chris Cameron, Gregg Dunn, Kim Gerhart, Phil Magg, Duanne Powell, Adam Kujawski, and Chris Tovar

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved 

Next meeting – May 3rd at 9:00 at Cologix 

Associate Membership Application – Nitel – WAN Dynamics was acquired by Nitel and is completing an application for associate membership.  A preliminary motion was made to approve Nitel as an Associate Member when we receive the application and payment.  This was voted and approved.

Senior Membership Applications – Ping IT is interested in becoming a Senior Member and is in process of filling out the application.  A preliminary motion was made to approve them for senior membership pending receipt of the application and payment.  This was voted and approved.

Governance Report –

  • The BEAD program Vol 1 – The NTIA has not approved the bill, waiting to remove wireless from the language.  It is currently at a standstill. 
  • Title 2 – Untility will be regulated – it may have judicial override.  Could have an impact down the road if pricing is regulated
  • Greg is leaving Ice Miller and joining Taft Law.  Congratulations Greg!

Government Committee –

  • Discussed legislation requiring reporting of any security event.  We haven’t seen anything yet but it would apply to all entities in the State of Ohio.

Content Sourcing –

  • Matt has been sending emails hoping to add some more cache this year

Marketing Committee

  • Chris sent us the press release – wants to confirm founding members
  • Checked on the Assoc of Healthcare Providers – have reached out.  The conference is April 27 to 30th.  Waiting to hear but probably too close to make work
  • Annual Meeting – calendar invites sent out.  Will also send evite invitations out as well.
  • Josh is working on the website – updating changes and adding logos.  He is also checking on changes that have blocked some of us from getting applications when they come in.

Technical Committee

  • Everstream upgraded to 100G
  • Cloudflare upgraded to 100G
  • Adam Kujawski has been working on the double counting of traffic issue with our netflow accounting
  • Dropping off new physical firewalls from Arista with Cal Cook to get programmed and installed
  • Dual 40G NIC to Microsoft cache still needs configured
  • 100G optics installed
  • Installed Arista management switch
  • Still need to pull any and all old unused cross connects

CTO Report

  • 281Gbps peak on Sunday March 31st, 2024
  • CacheFly cache coming soon
  • Charter/Spectrum still coming but no ETA

New/Old Business

  • Member supplied IP Transit – Amplex and Bresco are providing routes for the IX mainly for cache fill and LINX images.  They want something in writing if top 10Gbps/second.  It helps to protect in case of purchase.  They are providing IP charges at no cost.    It is a good safeguard to be in place.  CNI offered to provide another path.  Adam will get with Aaron.  Adam has worked on language we can use and will send it to Doug.  Hope to have completed by next board meeting.
  • Annual meeting – Venue – Star Lanes at Polaris.  We need the presentation and start voting sooner.  The board now acts as proxy if someone is not in attendance.  The official notice must be sent between 7 and 30 days of the event.
  • New Insurance Policies – We are moving to Unitel from Telecom Insurance Group.  Doug and Rob are working on it.  Unitel is giving a nice discount and are easier to work with.
  • Broadband Ohio next steps – The meeting with Peter went well and feel he is getting a better understanding.  He was trying to get with OARnet and see if he can help.  We need to send a list of our asks (fiber transport)-  Discussed other states are providing funds to help IX’s.  He is open to it but trying to figure out how.  If State would compensate OARnet, that might help.  Try to come up with an amount and go to Peter.  We need lit services or someone other than us to manage it.

Meeting adjourned