Ohio Ix

May 3, 2024 – Ohio IX Board Meeting

Attendees:  Doug Payauys, Brent Beatty, Nancy Tiemeier, Jason Gintert, Rob Shema, Matt Moran, Josh Rowe, Aaron Holtz, Kim Gerhart, Phil Magg, Adam Kujawski, and Chris Tovar

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved 

Next meeting – June 14th at 9:00 at Cologix 

Associate Membership Application – Nitel – WAN Dynamics was acquired by Nitel. A motion was made to approve them pending payment.  It was voted on and approved.

Senior Membership Applications – Consolidated Smart Systems LLC, d/b/a Smartaira – They want to connect at H5.  This was discussed and a motion was made to approve them for senior membership pending payment.  This was voted and approved.

Governance Report –

  • N/A

Government Committee –

  • N/A

Content Sourcing –

  • Matt sent out several emails but no response yet.  Brent will be talking to some folks at Google later this year at NANOG.  Rob is sending Matt a contact for Armstrong.

Marketing Committee

  • Chris finishing press release and will send out next week
  • Looking to order hats and socks for the annual meeting.  Also looking at a source to allow people to order clothing with the IX logo
  • Annual Meeting – putting an evite together to send out. Follow up on the meeting invite that was sent.

Technical Committee

  • FairlawnGig performed maintenance on 100G transport to Cleveland on Tues 4/23 as they moved to a new cabinet 
  • Adam turned up Momentum Telecom on Thurs 4/25
  • Activated Everstream 10G for cross connects and got new EVC between Everstream and VisionCTS
  • Cinci transport outage for about 5 hrs on Tues 4/30. Caused by a soft loop by carrier
  • To-do:
  • Fastly has requested an upgrade to 100G which was board approved, needs cabled up to CFA and CFA given to PJ at Fastly
  • Still need to activate 40G NIC on Microsoft cache
  • Pre-cross connect new patch panels
  • Need to pull any and all old unused cross connects
  • Need to get new physical firewalls from Arista to Cal Cook to get programmed and installed

CTO Report

  • 324Gbps peak on Tuesday April 12th, 2024
  • Cloudflare cross connect finally gone, reduced monthly bill by $450 effectively halving Cologix bill
  • Charter/Spectrum still coming but no ETA
  • CacheFly cache still coming, no ETA
  • Should we reach out to Netskrt on cache, maybe set deadline to see activity? I’ve been hearing there’s traffic coming, but so far, no traffic has come. Using power and space in our cabinet for seemingly little gain to membership.
  • Need to complete updated PNCP for HE 
  • Goals:
  • Upgrade IXP Manager host and version
  • Evaluate all hosts for updates
  • Deploy remote switches where appropriate
  • Deploy AS112 server
  • Evaluate RPKI, MANRS & Open IX compliance
  • Doug will look at the HE agreement and update so we can send it to them for signature. 
  • Josh has some servers that he pulled and is willing to donate.  He will get with Jason to discuss and see if they will work for the IX.

New/Old Business

  • Membership status – past due.  Members must be in good standing to run for a board position. 
  • Nominations were provided to the group.  Brent will run this since Doug’s position is up for reelection.  Brent will also reach out to those on the list to see if they are interested in a board position.  Will get the voting email out early next week.
  • Annual meeting We need to update the presentation.  Brent will put it on google drive so parts can be updated.  May look at a member spotlight again.
  • Need parts of the website updated prior to the annual meeting.  We need to update some logos, remove some old members, and post the new code of regulations.  We can delete companies that are no longer valid.
  • Member supplied IP Transit document/agreement – After looking at this, Doug feels we need to take some more time to determine the best way to word this.  Need to take into consideration if other carriers provide transit.  We will discuss it at the next meeting.  CNI is also open to discussing providing network to the IX.  Need something that won’t be difficult to track.
  • Greg Dunn is moving to Taft Law from Ice Miller.  The whole broadband team is moving to Taft and Greg is excited about the opportunity.
  • Code of conduct -subcommittee update – n/a Still need to do but other things have taken priority in the short term.

Meeting adjourned