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By checking the box below, Applicant hereby applies for Senior Membership in Ohio IX, an Ohio Nonprofit Corporation (the “Corporation”) and agrees to be bound by the following terms, as well as the terms and conditions stated in the Corporation’s Articles of Incorporation, Code of Regulations and any other governing documents of the Corporation (“Organizational Documents”): 1. Qualifications. Applicant represents that it is an operator of an Internet protocol network which has one or more direct connections to the Corporation’s switches and that it has a publicly registered Autonomous System Number (ASN), as required by the Code of Regulations of the Corporation. 2. Membership Term. The Membership Term shall commence upon the later of (i) receipt of the Annual Dues (if applicable) and (ii) the date on which an E-mail is sent to the Applicant acknowledging that this Agreement has been accepted by the Corporation. The Membership Term shall expire on the 31st day of December of each year, unless termination occurs sooner pursuant to the Code of Regulations of the Corporation. 3. Renewal Upon Expiration of Membership Term. The Corporation will invoice Members for the next year’s Annual Dues (if applicable) ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of the then current Membership Term and Member’s payment thereof shall constitute a renewal of membership. Failure to pay Annual Dues (if applicable) shall be cause for suspension and termination of this Agreement and all Member benefits as provided in the Corporation’s Code of Regulations. 4. Other Dues. The Corporation may require Members to pay additional dues, from time to time, as provided in the Corporation’s Code of Regulations. Failure to pay these dues shall be cause for suspension and termination of this Agreement and all Member benefits as provided in the Corporation’s Code of Regulations. 5. 5. In-Kind Contributions. The Corporation, at its sole discretion, may accept in-kind contributions in lieu of Annual Dues and/or Other Dues on a recurring or non-recurring basis. The value of any in-kind contributions shall be mutually agreed upon by the Corporation and the Member and shall be set forth in writing. 6. Dues Nonrefundable. Once paid, all Member dues, whether Annual Dues, or otherwise, are nonrefundable. 7. Connectivity. Connectivity to the Corporation’s facilities, as part of Senior Membership, should be specified as a 1 Gbps, 10 Gpbs, 40 Gbps, or 100 Gbps port connection. The lead time for establishing the Member’s connectivity to the Corporation’s facilities shall be based on port availability at the time of request. Additional port connections will be subject to additional dues based on the Corporation’s then-existing due’s structure. Additional port sizes and quantities may be available and should be specified on this form at the time of membership request. A current list of services and pricing can be found at: www.ohioix.net/join 8. Representations and Warranties of Applicant’s Representative. The individual executing this Agreement on behalf of Applicant represents and warrants that he or she has all requisite signing authority for and on behalf of Applicant. 9. Organizational Documents. Applicant agrees that it has been given an opportunity to review the Organizational Documents prior to signing this Agreement, and that it agrees to be bound by the provisions thereof. 10. Choice of Law. Any claim or dispute arising under or relating to this Senior Member

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