October 14 Ohio IX Meeting

Attendees: Nancy Tiemeier, Doug Payauys, Brent Beatty, Jason Gintert, Rob Shema, Kim Gerhart, Chris Cameron, Brian Riley

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved

Governance No updates

Associate & Senior Member Applications – No new applications

Content Committee
• Apple cache – agreement looks straightforward. Need to fill out forms. Only cost would be additional power. Benefits – deliver static apple content, IOS updates, music content and apps. It would not cover streaming at this point. Regarding marketing this new connection – there don’t seem to be any restrictions but will confirm with them. We moved to approve connecting to Apple cache. This was voted and approved.
• Facebook connection will land soon. This will be bilateral peering only. Will be 100G connection.
• Discussed pushing Gaming companies. May also look at service providers

• Happy Hours – Dates needed to be pushed out, didn’t get the invite completed in time. New dates – November 10th for Cleveland at Thee Oak Barrel and November 17th for Cincinnati (Municipal Brew Works in Hamilton
• Discussed getting a banner done and some give aways
• Will look at new sources for clothware
• Website updates – Josh is working on FAQ section for the website. If things need to be updated, send to Josh and copy others on the board

Tech Committee / CTO Report
• Traffic averaging 50 to 100 Gbps. Peaked at 100Gbps with Thursday night football
• Port Inventory
40/100G Ports – 17 of 64 – 27% Utilization
1/10G Ports – 55 of 96 – 57% Utilization – If 100G ports, 20% Utilization

   40/100G Ports - 3 of 32 - 9% Utilization
   1/10G Ports - 1 of 116 - 1% Utilization

• First Communications almost done – has been a Zayo circuit issue
• IFN- switched to 100G connection a few weeks ago
• Amazon – 100G ports are completed – will upgrade to them
• Facebook getting 100G connection
• Path – We may recommission that port if no payment is received
• Fairlawn Gig – May need additional 100G port. There is an issue with transport and peering on the same circuit. It was moved to provide a second 100G port and optic to Fairlawn Gig to separate traffic since they are providing transport to the IX. The is was voted on and approved.
• Huntington disconnected their peering. Jason will confirm that they are permanently disconnecting
• Linear 1 – Hoping will reconnect, checking with Matt Moran (had been talking to them)

Old / New Business
• Remote Switch – Cyxtera at Green Meadows in Columbus. A discussion was had with Ben at Cyxterra. Wanted us to do the switch and transport since we can’t provide and SLA. Discussion on us owning the switches. We provided a switch in Cleveland and Cincinnati – it is hard to manage other people’s switches. Easier for us to manage but we would need additional resources for remote hands works and support. There if fiber into Cyxtera through CEC fiber (Horizon now). Could use a CWDM shelf instead of switch since so close. Will continue discussion.
• Broadband Ohio – need letters to support what we are asking for. Brian will check with OU. Will provide a template for what we need completed.
• Jason would like to move to a model that we own and operate the switch. Need to discuss economic feasibility – will need additional discussions. Would need budget to hire someone to help support. Continue to discuss
• Need to establish rate changes with 90 day notice if going to change. We are good with the current rate structure.
• If we need equipment, we should buy it now so we stay below the $50,000 threshold.
• Jason would like to attend the Fiber Broadband Regional Connect meeting. Requested to expense it. – This was approved. Discussed hosting a happy hour the day before the event from 5 to 7:00. Possible location – Barley’s

Next meeting will be November 4th at Cologix at 9:00

Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Tiemeier

2022 OhioIX Annual Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2022

The meeting was called to order by Doug Payauys

Recording of the members completed

  • Doug Payauys – Adtran Inc
  • Nancy Tiemeier – Cologix
  • Brent Beatty – Bresco
  • Jason Gintert – WAN Dynamics
  • Randy Plaiser – IFN
  • Jarred Davis – Consolidated Electric
  • Marijan Adam – OneIT
    Luke Skidmore – Aunalytics
  • Preston Meyer – NKTelecom – through proxy
  • Aaron Slotness – Involta
  • Omar Ashkhten – Amplex
  • Dustin Wright – Fairlawn Gig
  • Joshua Rowe – Rowe Internet
  • Duanne Powell – City of Hilliard
  • Matt Moran – Integrated Network Concepts
  • Mike Markwood – GeoStar
  • Randall Webb – IFN
  • Todd Myers – Kenneth G Myers Construction
  • Chris Cameron – Accent Communications
  • Allen Casto – Washington Electric
  • Chris Kane – Arista
  • Todd Jackson – Medina Fiber
  • Marty Hannigan – Deep Edge Realty – through proxy
  • James Stabler – WE Connect
  • Luke Burkhart – IFN
  • Jonathan Wray – Cologix
  • Eli Callis – Bresco
  • Greg Dunn – Ice Miller
  • Brian Gorenflo – WeConnect
  • Glen Zucker – OneIT
  • Sergii Derevianko – MadeIT
  • Dave Froelich – Arista
  • Tim Lonsway – Agile
  • Vonda Dilley – Horizon
  • Seth Jackson – Stetson LLC

Approval of Agenda – complete

Approval of prior meeting minutes – complete

Acknowledgements – Doug acknowledged the work of the board and committees over the past year

Vision for the Ohio IX – To be a premier Internet Exchange for services and content in the United States.

Value – Low latency connectivity and access to Internet content and resources locally.

Brent reviewed the Membership pricing:
Senior membership – $1000 annually
Associate membership – $500 annually
Port options – Additional 1G or 10G port – $500/year
40G or 100G port – $2,500/ year, additional is $1,500/year

New Members for 2021

Senior Members
FirstComm LLC
GeoStar LLC, DBA GeoStar Communications
Smart Way Communications
Designer Brands, Inc
Cincinnati Bell
Subspace Communications LLC
Linear 1 Technologies
Adtran, Inc.

New members thus far for 2022
Southern Fibernet Corp
MadeIT Inc
Medina Fiber
Waddell Solutions Group
Path Networks, Inc
Deep Edge (Associate)

Peering Benefits – Discussed benefits including lower latency, better throughput, reduced CPU load, offloads more expensive internet pipes and member to member traffic takes a more secure path

Luke Skidmore from Aunalytics discussed how he uses the IX and benefits

Peering Request Etiquette was discussed and the information you should provide

Code of Regulations: Discussion on Proposed Change Discussion

We intend to discuss Code of Regulation changes that better represent and support our membership classes with the Ohio IX board and then propose changes, additions, and deletions for the consideration of the entire membership ahead of the next Ohio IX annual meeting.

Technical Report

Management infrastructure improvements
● Migrated to new Arista network
● New Route Servers with Looking Glass access for members
● Many IXP Manager upgrades and improvements
● Added content caches
● Microsoft
● Netflix
● Packet Clearing House
● Valve/Steam
● New Networks: 19
● New Markets
● Cleveland
● Cincinnati

Ways to get the most out of the Ohio IX
Directly peer with content providers.
● Key peers:
● Amazon
● Akamai
● Cloudflare
● Fastly
● Adjust BGP Local Preference to prefer IX
● Direct Private VLAN between members
● Add Netflix community (40027:40000) to your routes
● Be sure “no bgp enforce-first-as” is configured
● Evaluate traffic patterns cond configuration to see if it
makes sense to traffic engineer more towards the IX.

Board of Directors Election Results
By majority elections using Google Forms Voting for
our 2022 elections:
● Director 1 – Matt Moran
● Director 2 – Jason Gintert
● Director 3 – Brian Riley

We moved to accept and voted to approve

Meeting adjourned
Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Tiemeier