Upcoming Meetings and Events

The next Ohio IX Board of Directors meeting is scheduled to occur on January 6 2022 at 9:00am and will be held at Cologix. Details will be sent to the Board of Directors. Any member who would like to attend should contact us for call in details.

December 2022 Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2022, Ohio IX Meeting

Attendees:  Nancy Tiemeier, Doug Payauys, Brent Beatty, Jason Gintert, Brian Riley, Luke Skidmore, Rob Shema, Josh Rowe, Vonda Dilley, Matt Moran, Lee Rutherford

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved

Governance – FCC mapping is out now, asking residents if they are getting speeds that have been reported.

Associate & Senior Member Applications – Omni Fiber for senior membership.  They were discussed, voted and approved.

Content Committee

  • Breezeline – interested in offloading customer traffic.  Matt is working with them
    • MICE – Brent talked to them – wants to discuss connecting to the IX – have content. Looking at around 19ms between sites.  Brent would support 10G of transport.  Will discuss further with them after 1st of the year
    • Apple cache should be here by end of the month
    • Facebook is up – starting to set up routes
    • Meta – they have a special form that takes peering.db information
    • Discussed sending out email to members on how to connect to Facebook, Cloudflare etc
    • Spectrum has peered with HE in Cleveland


  • Broadband Alliance meeting is Dec 13th at State of Ohio Library at 274 E 1st Ave from 1:00 to 3:00.  Have 15 minutes to discuss what the IX is in simple terms and benefits.  Need to submit slides by December 9th.  We will meet next week to finalize slides/presentation.
  • Marty from Deep Edge would join the committee
  • If needed, Brent will meet with Jeff Waddell and prospective members prior to the Happy Hour in Cincinnati
  • Marketing company, Brent provided information, will reach out. 

Tech Committee / CTO Report

  • The committee meets every other Tuesday if anyone wants to join. 
  • Replacing discs and working on maintenance.
  • Jason recognized Matt for helping to monitor the network and traffic spikes and Josh Rowe for helping with the website.  Dustin Wright providing 100G transport and support and Aaron Slotness for his help
  • Discussed moving the website to marketing firm at some point


Hit 149Gbps on November 16th!

Averaging 80-150G at peak
-Port Inventory
-40/100G Ports – 17 of 64 – 27% Utilization
-1/10G Ports – 55 of 96 – 57% Utilization – If 100G ports, 20% Utilization

-40/100G Ports – 3 of 32 – 9% Utilization
-1/10G Ports – 1 of 116 – 1% Utilization

-40G – 0 of 2 – 0% Utilization
-1/10G Ports – 2 of 32 – 6% Utilization
-Gear to purchase
-4 x 100G FS.com Optics – $500/ea = $2000
-10 x Western Digital Red 1TB SSDs – $110/ea = $1100
-5 x Arista 7280SE-64 (48 x 10G, 4 x 40G) – $1500/ea = $7500

Facebook is up as of 11/17!

Interest from: CATO and WV-IX

There was a motion – Approve to purchase 5 switches, disc drives, and optics for $10,600 before the end of the year.  This was voted and approved.

10G optics, disc drives, DL360 servers – will allow us to control the equipment for remote switch locations.

Old / New Business

  • Press releases related to growth, members, CDN’s etc.  We discussed buying a bundle (good deals for end of the year).   A motion was made to purchase a package of PR not to exceed the 2022 marketing budget.  It was voted and approved.  We will buy it this year and use next year.
  • Website makeover and updates – the site needs revamped.  Nancy knows a company that could help – will schedule a call for the 1st of the year.  Need to rebuild logo with vector graphics
  • Government Committee – Discussed setting up a new committee to stay on top of new funds and opportunities as well as connecting with municipalities.  A motion was made to set up this new committee,  It was voted and approved.   Will work on getting someone to head the committee.
  • Ohio IX Announce and Ohio IX Discuss mailing lists.  Announce – outgoing only; provides minutes and other outward information.  Discuss – encourages discussion.  They are integrated with IXP Manager. 
  • We need a database with all contacts – merge accounting information to IXP Manager
  • Audit of free cross connects – 10 free cc.   did audit, can remove some and reuse. A motion was made to allow Fairlawn Gig to have a free cc since they are providing transport the IX.  This was voted and approved.  They provide transport at no charge and want to separate their transport traffic and IX traffic.

Next meeting – Friday, January 6th at 9:00 at Cologix

November 2022 Meeting Minutes

November 4 2022 OhioIX Meeting

Attendees:  Nancy Tiemeier, Doug Payauys, Brent Beatty, Jason Gintert, Kim Gerhart, Chris Cameron, Brian Riley, Phil Maag, Luke Skidmore, Greg Dunn, Josh Rowe, Vonda Dilley

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved

Governance No updates

Associate & Senior Member Applications – No new applications

Content Committee

  • Talked to New Lisbon Telephone and OMNI Fiber
    • FaceBook is cabled up and has ordered the cross connect
    • Apple caches are ordered and should be here in November
    • Will check with Twitch again


  • Happy Hour in Columbus with Adran – Vonda is going over the list of those who attended.   Had a great turnout
  • Happy Hour in Cleveland – 13 registered, still reaching out to people to attend
  • HH in Cincinnati – pushing out until January due to holidays. 
  • Brent had T-Shirts made up that we can give out.  Took them to the HH before the Regional Telecom conference.
  • Setting up port in Cologix CAM for connectivity to those that want to try the IX.  It is free for a year.
  • A motion was made to appoint Vonda Dilley as Chair of the Marketing Committee.  Was voted and approved.

Tech Committee / CTO Report

  • Peaked at 111 Gbps last night.  The number may drop off when we separate the traffic from Fairlawn Gig since transport is also on there
  • Port capacity- Columbus 100Gbps at 27% utilized and 10Gbps is at 57% utilization.  Cleveland – 100 Gbps at 9% utilization and 10Gbps is at 1% utilization  Cincinnati – 40 Gbps is at 0% utilized and 10Gbps is 5% utilized
  • FirstComm is up and should grow
  • IXP Manager – New version with security features will be upgraded soon
  • Disc that broke has been replaced
  • Equipment – looking to purchase some 7280 SE switches so we have more control over the remote switch locations to go to a more facility-based model.  Allows us to better manage and control the remote switches.  They run around $2000/switch.  Jason is putting the list together.

Old / New Business

  • Remote Switch – Cyxxtera didn’t like our model of having to provide the switch.  Need to look at the agreement about where we own the switch and whether they provide the transport.
  • Broadband Ohio – need to do a better job explaining and why to participate and provide funding.  Need to try and get them together and explain while they still have money.  Still need to get letters, Brian will reach out to OU.  We need a template that we can provide to make doing the letter easier for those willing to help.  Peter has a quarterly meeting; Vonda is going to check and see if we can participate in the upcoming or January meeting. 
  • The Marketing and Tech committee need to work together and look at outside vendors and possibly do videos.

Next meeting will be December 1st for Holiday end of year meeting and get together.  Checking with Horizon’s offices.

October 14 Ohio IX Meeting

Attendees: Nancy Tiemeier, Doug Payauys, Brent Beatty, Jason Gintert, Rob Shema, Kim Gerhart, Chris Cameron, Brian Riley

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved

Governance No updates

Associate & Senior Member Applications – No new applications

Content Committee
• Apple cache – agreement looks straightforward. Need to fill out forms. Only cost would be additional power. Benefits – deliver static apple content, IOS updates, music content and apps. It would not cover streaming at this point. Regarding marketing this new connection – there don’t seem to be any restrictions but will confirm with them. We moved to approve connecting to Apple cache. This was voted and approved.
• Facebook connection will land soon. This will be bilateral peering only. Will be 100G connection.
• Discussed pushing Gaming companies. May also look at service providers

• Happy Hours – Dates needed to be pushed out, didn’t get the invite completed in time. New dates – November 10th for Cleveland at Thee Oak Barrel and November 17th for Cincinnati (Municipal Brew Works in Hamilton
• Discussed getting a banner done and some give aways
• Will look at new sources for clothware
• Website updates – Josh is working on FAQ section for the website. If things need to be updated, send to Josh and copy others on the board

Tech Committee / CTO Report
• Traffic averaging 50 to 100 Gbps. Peaked at 100Gbps with Thursday night football
• Port Inventory
40/100G Ports – 17 of 64 – 27% Utilization
1/10G Ports – 55 of 96 – 57% Utilization – If 100G ports, 20% Utilization

   40/100G Ports - 3 of 32 - 9% Utilization
   1/10G Ports - 1 of 116 - 1% Utilization

• First Communications almost done – has been a Zayo circuit issue
• IFN- switched to 100G connection a few weeks ago
• Amazon – 100G ports are completed – will upgrade to them
• Facebook getting 100G connection
• Path – We may recommission that port if no payment is received
• Fairlawn Gig – May need additional 100G port. There is an issue with transport and peering on the same circuit. It was moved to provide a second 100G port and optic to Fairlawn Gig to separate traffic since they are providing transport to the IX. The is was voted on and approved.
• Huntington disconnected their peering. Jason will confirm that they are permanently disconnecting
• Linear 1 – Hoping will reconnect, checking with Matt Moran (had been talking to them)

Old / New Business
• Remote Switch – Cyxtera at Green Meadows in Columbus. A discussion was had with Ben at Cyxterra. Wanted us to do the switch and transport since we can’t provide and SLA. Discussion on us owning the switches. We provided a switch in Cleveland and Cincinnati – it is hard to manage other people’s switches. Easier for us to manage but we would need additional resources for remote hands works and support. There if fiber into Cyxtera through CEC fiber (Horizon now). Could use a CWDM shelf instead of switch since so close. Will continue discussion.
• Broadband Ohio – need letters to support what we are asking for. Brian will check with OU. Will provide a template for what we need completed.
• Jason would like to move to a model that we own and operate the switch. Need to discuss economic feasibility – will need additional discussions. Would need budget to hire someone to help support. Continue to discuss
• Need to establish rate changes with 90 day notice if going to change. We are good with the current rate structure.
• If we need equipment, we should buy it now so we stay below the $50,000 threshold.
• Jason would like to attend the Fiber Broadband Regional Connect meeting. Requested to expense it. – This was approved. Discussed hosting a happy hour the day before the event from 5 to 7:00. Possible location – Barley’s

Next meeting will be November 4th at Cologix at 9:00

Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Tiemeier

2022 OhioIX Annual Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2022

The meeting was called to order by Doug Payauys

Recording of the members completed

  • Doug Payauys – Adtran Inc
  • Nancy Tiemeier – Cologix
  • Brent Beatty – Bresco
  • Jason Gintert – WAN Dynamics
  • Randy Plaiser – IFN
  • Jarred Davis – Consolidated Electric
  • Marijan Adam – OneIT
    Luke Skidmore – Aunalytics
  • Preston Meyer – NKTelecom – through proxy
  • Aaron Slotness – Involta
  • Omar Ashkhten – Amplex
  • Dustin Wright – Fairlawn Gig
  • Joshua Rowe – Rowe Internet
  • Duanne Powell – City of Hilliard
  • Matt Moran – Integrated Network Concepts
  • Mike Markwood – GeoStar
  • Randall Webb – IFN
  • Todd Myers – Kenneth G Myers Construction
  • Chris Cameron – Accent Communications
  • Allen Casto – Washington Electric
  • Chris Kane – Arista
  • Todd Jackson – Medina Fiber
  • Marty Hannigan – Deep Edge Realty – through proxy
  • James Stabler – WE Connect
  • Luke Burkhart – IFN
  • Jonathan Wray – Cologix
  • Eli Callis – Bresco
  • Greg Dunn – Ice Miller
  • Brian Gorenflo – WeConnect
  • Glen Zucker – OneIT
  • Sergii Derevianko – MadeIT
  • Dave Froelich – Arista
  • Tim Lonsway – Agile
  • Vonda Dilley – Horizon
  • Seth Jackson – Stetson LLC

Approval of Agenda – complete

Approval of prior meeting minutes – complete

Acknowledgements – Doug acknowledged the work of the board and committees over the past year

Vision for the Ohio IX – To be a premier Internet Exchange for services and content in the United States.

Value – Low latency connectivity and access to Internet content and resources locally.

Brent reviewed the Membership pricing:
Senior membership – $1000 annually
Associate membership – $500 annually
Port options – Additional 1G or 10G port – $500/year
40G or 100G port – $2,500/ year, additional is $1,500/year

New Members for 2021

Senior Members
FirstComm LLC
GeoStar LLC, DBA GeoStar Communications
Smart Way Communications
Designer Brands, Inc
Cincinnati Bell
Subspace Communications LLC
Linear 1 Technologies
Adtran, Inc.

New members thus far for 2022
Southern Fibernet Corp
MadeIT Inc
Medina Fiber
Waddell Solutions Group
Path Networks, Inc
Deep Edge (Associate)

Peering Benefits – Discussed benefits including lower latency, better throughput, reduced CPU load, offloads more expensive internet pipes and member to member traffic takes a more secure path

Luke Skidmore from Aunalytics discussed how he uses the IX and benefits

Peering Request Etiquette was discussed and the information you should provide

Code of Regulations: Discussion on Proposed Change Discussion

We intend to discuss Code of Regulation changes that better represent and support our membership classes with the Ohio IX board and then propose changes, additions, and deletions for the consideration of the entire membership ahead of the next Ohio IX annual meeting.

Technical Report

Management infrastructure improvements
● Migrated to new Arista network
● New Route Servers with Looking Glass access for members
● Many IXP Manager upgrades and improvements
● Added content caches
● Microsoft
● Netflix
● Packet Clearing House
● Valve/Steam
● New Networks: 19
● New Markets
● Cleveland
● Cincinnati

Ways to get the most out of the Ohio IX
Directly peer with content providers.
● Key peers:
● Amazon
● Akamai
● Cloudflare
● Fastly
● Adjust BGP Local Preference to prefer IX
● Direct Private VLAN between members
● Add Netflix community (40027:40000) to your routes
● Be sure “no bgp enforce-first-as” is configured
● Evaluate traffic patterns cond configuration to see if it
makes sense to traffic engineer more towards the IX.

Board of Directors Election Results
By majority elections using Google Forms Voting for
our 2022 elections:
● Director 1 – Matt Moran
● Director 2 – Jason Gintert
● Director 3 – Brian Riley

We moved to accept and voted to approve

Meeting adjourned
Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Tiemeier

September 2022 Meeting Minutes

September 16 2022 OhioIX Meeting

Attendees:  Nancy Tiemeier, Luke Skidmore, Doug Payauys, Brent Beatty, Jason Gintert, Rob Shema, Kim Gerhart, Chris Cameron, Brian Riley, Matt Moran, Marijan Adam and Greg Dunn

Associate & Senior Member Applications – King Networks – They are a WISP in Detroit.  They connect to the data center in Troy, OH and want to be a direct switch operator in the future.  Voted and passed

Content Committee

  • Working with Google to determine in peering presence makes sense
    • No update on FaceBook
    • Limelight – will reach out this month
    • Ultimate in Indiana – they are looking for connectivity
    • Cache Fly – Doug provided information


  • We need a new chair- will reach out to some members to see if there is an interest
  • Happy Hours – Chris Tovar reached out to some places in Cleveland, probably off of 77 and not downtown.  In Cincinnati, looking at Municipal BrewWorks in Hamilton (Aaron Holts has ownership in this.
  • Possible dates – October 13th in Cleveland and October 19th in Cincinnati
  • Chris C discussed doing a tailgate for OSU game.  Could piggyback off of tailgate that he has
  • Membership drive – combine with happy hours

Tech Committee / CTO Report

  • Traffic averaging 50 to 60 Gbps.  Peaked at 75Gbps with Thursday night football for Thursday night football.
  • Upgraded last route server.  It is all integrated and members can see all routes
  • IFN has upgraded to 100 G port
  • CISP is peering
  • DSW is now connected
  • FirstComm is getting turned up
  • Port capacity – 10G port is about 30% and 100G has 15% utilization

Old / New Business

  • Financial needs – Now that are getting bigger, need automation and someone to handle invoicing etc.  Payments should be ACH.  Will look into possible companies that we could hire to help
  • Broadband Ohio – Had a call with Peter and Patrick.  They are working with Middle Mile funding.  Provided cost for equipment and transport.  Would like to work with the existing Ohio Network.  We need letters of support and need to work quickly to get them.  Letters from people in the community, political aspects, underserved areas (Athens and Apalachia).  We need a template letter to provide to get a quicker response.  Dustin from Fairlawn Gig would like a letter from us and he would provide one to us.
  • Could look to BlueBridge as another Remote Switch Operator
  • We had the following Motion – The Ohio IX will engage Integrated Concept Network Concepts for Veeam backup and licensing that are critical to the operations of the Ohio IX and must support them financially for services rendered.  This was moved, seconded and passed.
  • The next meeting will be Friday, October 14, at Cologix at 9:00

August 2022 Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2022 Ohio IX Meeting

Attendees:  Nancy Tiemeier, Luke Skidmore, Doug Payauys, Rob Shema, Brent Beatty, Matt Moran, Jason Gintert, Chris Cameron, and Greg Dunn

Associate Membership Application – City of West Jefferson – This was discussed and voted.  They were approved

Executive Positions for this next year

Chairman – Doug Payauys

Vice Chairman – Brent Beatty

Treasurer – Rob Shema

Secretary – Nancy Tiemeier

CTO – Jason Gintert

Will discuss moving the annual meeting back to May in the next meeting

Next meeting – September 16th at 9:00 at Cologix. 

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Tiemeier

July 2022 Meeting Minutes

July 22, 2022 OhioIX Meeting

Attendees:  Nancy Tiemeier, Luke Skidmore, Doug Payauys, Brent Beatty, Jason Gintert, Todd Jackson, Josh Rowe, Chris Cameron, and Greg Dunn

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved 

Governance – A RFI regarding the Middle Mile infrastructure is going out, they are looking for partners. If you are interested, contact Peter.

Associate & Senior Member Applications – No new applications

The City of Columbus wants to join the IX but wants to pay for 3 years dues upfront. We will check our code of conduct but we should be able to have them pay us and we will escrow the subsequent years. The same would apply for the cross connect. If the cross connect fee went up, the would need to handle the extra cost.

Content Committee


  • The Google presence in Columbus is cloud only at this point, no content yet. We are trying for cache, they won’t do direct peering yet
  • Akamai is connected to us in Cleveland
  • Facebook is close, they are sending us optics
  • Turning up cache for Linux
  • The happy hour will be August 4th at McKenzie River in Columbus. Will look at September for Cleveland. A possible site is the Oak Barrell and Cincinnati for October. Aaron Holtz has a brewery in Cincinnati that we should look into.
  • The Fiber Connect is November 3rd – is this something we are interested in?

Tech Committee / CTO Report

  • We are currently sitting between 35 and 45 Gbps of traffic
  • Packet Clearing House is up – pasted on LinkedIn and Twitter. Quad 9 will be up
  • There was an outage on July 8th. 2 fans died in a server. Marijan provided the fans. We will be getting some spare chasis and 100 Gbps spares
  • Akamai peaked at 600 Mbps after turning up. You can direct peer with them.
  • We need a new PDU for our rack
  • Moving new automated route server on July 31st
  • We installed 100 Gbps optics for Amazon and Path Networks
  • Upgraded to 6.2 IXP Manager
  • Set up new email lists for announcing information on the IX and one for technical information.

Old / New Business 

  • MegaPort – Discussed giving pro bono 10G connection and free cross connect. It would provide connection to Cxtera and allow people outside the region to connect. Anyone using them would still need to be a member to peer. We would also get a free port from them. Need to set up metrics with a time limit. We moved to offer Megaport a 12 month connection with details to be finalized. This is not a membership, adding as a content provider for benefit of members. This was seconded and passed.
  • Broadband Ohio – Brochure has been put together and Jason put costs together for Phase 1 and Phase 2. We just need to add labor costs. Phase 1 $344,254 / $16, 576 OPX. Phase 2 – $1,822,850 / $172,960 OPX. We still need transport. OARnet is key and Fairlawn Gig also has key transport and is willing to work with us. We need an agreement in place with a carrier. We will submit Phase 1 asking for $1,000,000
  • Annual Meeting – Top Golf August 18th from 1:00 to 4:30. We will serve lunch at the same time as the meeting this time so people aren’t waiting to eat. Todd, Brian and Jason do shared drive for PowerPoint. We want to do a member share again this year. Luke will speak on this. Sending out the save the date and the invite with registration. Will get with Jason on hubspot
  • Doug moved to shut down H5 as a remote switch operator. If they want to come back, they must follow procedures. This was seconded and passed.
  • The next meeting will be after the annual meeting on August 19th at Top Golf

Next meeting – The next Ohio IX Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for August 19, 2022.  We will also provide a dial-in

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Tiemeier

June 2022 Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2022 OhioIX Meeting

Attendees:  Nancy Tiemeier, Luke Skidmore, Doug Payauys, Rob Shema, Brent Beatty, Matt Moran, Jason Gintert, Todd Jackson, Josh Rowe, and Greg Dunn

Roll call and Approval of Agenda – Completed

Secretary Report – Minutes Approved 

Governance – Starting to release funding, need to get our information to Peter

Associate & Senior Member Applications – No new applications

Content Committee

  • Working on large providers – Meta, Akamai (patched from Cleveland).
  • Arelion and Armstrong in Cologix
  • Still working on Google


  • Chris asked to step back from leading this committee due to current workload.  Todd Jackson offered to lead up this committee.  Brent offered Chris Tovar to join the committee and help as well
  • Happy Hour at McKenzie River – Marketing committee will establish a date and send out invites
  • Will look at dates for other markets

Tech Committee / CTO Report

  • New traffic all time high of 55Gbps on May 10th (two games on Valve, patch Tuesday w/MS)
  • Daily draffic is 36-38Gbps
  • We have activated IXP Manager integratred Route Server #2! #1 coming soon.
  • 100G optics are on order to upgrade Amazon to 2 x 100G
  • New Microsoft cache turned up May 5th, 20G capacity
  • New facilities based remote switch installed in FairlawnGig cabinet in Cleveland on May 12th
  • Upgraded FairlawnGig to 100G on May 13
  • Turned up Cleveland switch May 23rd
  • Activated Veeam backups which are offsite to Integrated
  • Discussed bringing in Megaport so members can leverage them to connect. Question regarding use of free cross connect for this?
  • Still awaiting turn up with: CISP, DSW, FirstComm, MadeIT, Medina Fiber, Path Network, PCH, DFN, and Waddell.

Old / New Business 

  • MegaPort – Discussed connecting to them as an option for members.  Still want to investigate more
  • Marketing Document for Broadband Ohio – Went over slick that Michelle put together and discussed adding Phase 1 and Phase 2 maps to show our plans.  Need to get to Peter so we can try and get some of the funds.
  • Annual Meeting – Top Golf August 18th from 1:30 to 4:30.  We need to put the presentation together.  Will go over in detail at the next meeting.
  • Past due accounts – Discussed how to proceed with accounts that have not paid and ones that are getting free cross connects.

Next meeting – The next Ohio IX Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for July 22nd, 2022 at 9:00 am.  We will also provide a dial-in

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Tiemeier

May 2022- No Meeting

The OhioIX did not meet in May. The next scheduled meeting is June 9, 2022 at 9:00 am at Cologix.